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The reason that some burgers are/were shaped in a square is so you could fit more of them onto a griddle. Back in the early twentieth century at White Castle (one of the first hamburger places) the cooks would load up the flat top with onion, burgers, etc. Like I said, you can fit more patties on a griddle if they are square instead of round. 
That is all true, but what about reheating them for whomever buys them? The point of sous vide is obviously to get really precise cooking, if we are trusting home cooks to properly reheat a sous vide steak by using a pan what is the point?
 You want to sell already cooked sous vide steaks??  I don't know about that. Have you done research enough to know that you wouldn't be breaking any laws or anything by doing it? Even with home stead laws and all that, you might run into problems with the health department if you try and sell stuff. Most health departments don't like vacuum bags, especially from places that aren't commercial food prepare facilities.  I guess I don't understand why you would sell already...
Panko breaded chicken can be quite delicious, just not for bone in larger cuts. But for cutlets or even bone out thighs, it can be delicious. But it definitely isn't a "Southern" fried chicken style. Nothing wrong with it though, per se. 
Za'atar is great on most vegetables, but it is a standout on roasted or fried cauliflower. It lends a great flavor to that.    Its good on carrots too. I like nicely, deeply roasted vegetables with za'atar. A carrot salad with labneh or greek yogurt flavored with za'atar and citrus can be awesome. 
A buttermilk soak for fried chicken is wonderful. Make a brine out of buttermilk, with whatever spices you want, and salt...let sit in for a couple hours. Then take out...   seasoned flour clean buttermilk (not brined buttermilk) seasoned flour fryer   Delicious. The buttermilk helps tenderize and flavor the meat. Super moist.    Yogurt is an acceptable substitute (they are pretty similar) just thin it out some. It has similar enzymatic and acidic tenderizing...
I'm just throwing this out there, is it possible to make smaller salamis? If you use a smaller casing that might help. 
Try this artichoke stew. http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/8369-artichokes-a-la-barigoule   When you are done, you can take the cuisson and reduce it to a glaze. Use that as a base for a home made mayonnaise to dip your artichokes in. I like to cut the cooked artichokes into quarters or even eights and soak them in buttermilk. Dredge in a mix of half semolina and half Wondra flour, fry lightly and dip in the artichoke mayo. Really good. 
I don't see why not. I'm not sure about 1/2 chickens, generally with sous vide you want to take advantage of exact temps...since chicken white meat and dark meat are ideal at different temperatures, you might lose some of the benefit of sous vide if you cook them both together. I'm not saying its not possible, but one way or the other you'll be compromising.  My suggestion would be to separate the two meats so you can take maximum advantage of the process.  Pork loin...
Lol, Kitchen Confidential just had me say "that would never happen" way too many times. I understand that it is a TV show and not really supposed to be a realistic view of kitchen life. Anyways, it had its moments for sure. Hopefully the days of too many addicts and sexual harassment status quo are winding down. Not saying they are gone but I think great strides have been made in the industry the last 15-20 years. I'm all for it...not place for that stuff in a professional...
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