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 This makes no sense. What do you need a second chef for? Aren't you the chef? What is the other 20% missing from the concept? Why does a chef need an understanding of social media? Are you looking for a chef to put in $125,000 of their own money? Also when you say "Bistro" I expect a restaurant, not a take out/catering place.  Not trying to poo-poo you I just want some clarity. 
I use one all the time but it never touches food. It's mostly for opening and breaking down boxes and other packaging things like that.    If I'm opening a food container I'm reaching for my Chen's. 
 Thats a good attitude. Right now they want to know that you are going to work hard and do the work required of you before they commit to you. Just remember it will (most likely) be temporary, and that sometimes in the next 6-months to a year it will start to "click" and you'll be a lot more useful. People will be nicer to you, your chef will start to recognize you and your work, and you'll be given increasingly difficult and prestigious tasks as you develop as a cook. It...
 Great advice. You should always be treated with respect. Not necessarily kindness or friendship, but respect. Make sure you are learning. In a lot of kitchen the absence of criticism is the highest praise you will get.  Unfortunately in a lot of places you have to "pay your dues." This means that you might be, as you said OP, mopping up the walk in while they are sipping cocktails at the bar or going home for the night. That is your lot in life until you move up. It won't...
Yeah I gotta tell you, my parents had one of those magnums and I didn't care for it. The grind was always too big (even when adjusted) and very uneven. Maybe they had a old/bad/worn out one or something, but I did not like it.   I've also used mortar and pestle (we actually have one in the kitchen, not used MUCH, but sometimes) but I prefer a pepper mill for line work. I don't like getting pepper on my fingers, and I find a mill gives me a more even coating.   Thanks...
Anyone have a preferred brand of pepper grinder for the line? I've always been partial to peugeot, but my latest one is done for, so I need a new one.    What does everyone here use? Any recommendations? 
  Making omelettes has nothing to do with being a chef. Making omelettes has to do with being a cook. Now, some chefs are bad cooks, and some great cooks are not chefs. By that definition my 85 year old grandmother is a chef. I mean, she makes a mean omelette. 
 You need to move to a new house ASAP. 
Botulism is scary but it is not likely given what you described. Very few cases of botulism exist every year, mostly due to improperly home canned products. Botulism needs a low to no oxygen environment and several other factors to be a concern. I wouldn't worry too much about this particular bacteria.    Letting things sit too long in the "danger zone" (call it 40F-140F) can provide an ideal environment for bacteria and other things to grow and begin producing gases...
Yikes.    Hopefully your hubby is OK. it is doubtful it was botulism, but you definitely had something brewing there. The bubbles were from spoilage bacteria or yeast that were releasing gases as they ate your food. 
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