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They come vacuum packed in plastic with the shell? Pre cooked, shelf stable mussels?    No, just no.    Buy fresh mussels, and cook those. Mussels are one of the easiest things in the world to cook, you could google hundreds of recipes. And I guarantee that whatever you make will be 100x better than boil in a bag mussels.    Just think what chemicals and processes they must use in order to make that?    The easiest way to get them out of the shell is to just use...
Meh, I just did a quick google search, we may be talking about different things. I'm thinking puffed rice chips/crackers. Looks like what you mean is indeed a baked round crisp or something like that. Apologies.   Though, you should try the puffed rice crackers sometime...they are amazing. 
I would bake them at a lower temp, even in a pilot oven, overnight or for several hours until they are dehydrated and completely dry.    If you have a dehydrator even better. 
I've made puffed rice many times, both in "chip" form and individual puffed rice (like rice krispies). You have to fry them.    Basically, cook rice like normal, spread out on a silpat lined sheetpan. There are several ways to do this. You can place another silpat on top and then use a rolling pin to roll it out to a relatively thin layer. Place in a low oven, then dry for several hours or overnight.    Once dehydrated, break into pieces and fry in small batches. Your...
I always thought that adding acid to a pasta dough was to prevent oxidation and keep it from turning that unpleasant gray/green color it can get after a day or two. 
I recently visited the local processing plant I buy much of our meat from and he HAS to have a USDA inspector on premises whenever they are slaughtering. I even met him. I've been to several processing plants/slaughterhouses and have always seen an inspector.    I don't know where this meat inspectors "phase out" thing got started, but it is simply not true. Poultry may be one thing, but Beef/lamb/pork seems to be another. I think we should correct this so that no...
That's one of its main purposes--to thicken liquids and sauces without the need to heat or cook. Makes it easier to preserve the fresh quality of liquids. 
 You're an artist. A poet.  I would love to see more from your "Unrelated Jalapeno" anthology. 
Any chance of using fresh? If you are high volume and going through it fast enough, no reason to use frozen is there? What benefits does frozen offer?
You can't make sandwiches but burgers are OK? Lol, a burger IS a sandwich. Anyways...   I still think your best bet is some mix of chicken and/or pork and starch thickening. I know its easy for me to say not being in your situation and all, but I would commit to making from scratch gravy and stay away from bases. They just aren't any good. 
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