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A true Italian old school bolognese has pork/beef, guanciale/pancetta, onion, carrot, wine, tomato, milk and herbs/spices.    If you are doing a red sauce with some crumbled sausage or meat, that is Americanized "meat sauce." Not that its bad, mind you, but I might stay away from calling it Bolognese. 
You should get a weekend job in the best kitchen you can find washing dishes/prep or something to see if you still want to do it.    Odds are you'll know pretty fast if you want to/can stick with it.    Don't quit your job before experiencing things first hand. Just don't. You might find you are better off cooking as a hobby and hosting dinner parties on the weekend, etc. 
thx I'll try it
Anyone have a killer buttermilk pancake recipe, preferably by weight and in a large batch. I'm talking like, the best pancakes in the city kind of good.   Thanks!
Good, crusty bread...sliced thick.    Mayo, preferably home made.   Thick cut heirloom tomatoes...beefsteak variety.    Sea salt, pepper.    Open faced. Make 2 cause you'll want more.    You're welcome.
Lol, egg MR. Good times. People really have no clue, do they? That is actually one of my bigger pet peeves in cooking is people trying to apply meat temperatures to other things. Like, cauliflower Medium rare or something. Seems to be happening.    One of the most alarming trends in dining seems to be people ordering "plus" temps on their steaks. Like, I'll have a Medium rare "plus." Whatever the f- that means. I mean, it pretty much means medium, right? Or do you want...
Please don't refer to that as "Mexican." You will not find Queso like that in Mexico I'm willing to bet.   Sometimes when I make it (for like super bowl parties and whatnot) I use a mixture of roux thickened cheese sauce (essentially a mornay flavored with a little SW kick) and then melt in some velveeta or american "cheese" because you just can't replicate that "meltiness" without it. The processed stuff has a special texture that you just can't replicate with real...
Yeah, hopefully he got out before it was too late, and didn't lose a house or anything like that. 
Yeah I might have to give them a try. I've used both in the past, but I usually found that chefwear stuff was more durable. At least for me. Now, not so much.    I mean, I'm shocked. I ordered pants from them less than a year ago with no drop in quality--at least that I noticed. Now, very shoddy.    I was also surprised to see that Chefworks was generally more expensive than chefwear now. I used to think of chefworks as a less expensive alternative to...
I recently ordered a few items from Chefwear...and man, I was disappointed. I have ordered many, many things from them in the past, and this latest batch seems very shoddy. Thin fabric, not very durable, low quality, etc.    I used to almost exclusively order chefwear because, while they were pricier than some competitors, the quality/durability of the items seemed better than other brands. Now they seem worse. Specifically this time pants and aprons. I paid almost 20...
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