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Yeah, hopefully he got out before it was too late, and didn't lose a house or anything like that. 
Yeah I might have to give them a try. I've used both in the past, but I usually found that chefwear stuff was more durable. At least for me. Now, not so much.    I mean, I'm shocked. I ordered pants from them less than a year ago with no drop in quality--at least that I noticed. Now, very shoddy.    I was also surprised to see that Chefworks was generally more expensive than chefwear now. I used to think of chefworks as a less expensive alternative to...
I recently ordered a few items from Chefwear...and man, I was disappointed. I have ordered many, many things from them in the past, and this latest batch seems very shoddy. Thin fabric, not very durable, low quality, etc.    I used to almost exclusively order chefwear because, while they were pricier than some competitors, the quality/durability of the items seemed better than other brands. Now they seem worse. Specifically this time pants and aprons. I paid almost 20...
Thanks! I'll just have to wait until I can do a little R&D do develop a recipe.
Is there any type of conversion rule/ratio for cornmeal or masa in a recipe? For example, if I wanted to make a sweet corn cake, is there any rules for replacing some of the flour in the recipe with cornmeal/flour? Anyone tried this?
I am also ISO a stiff chocolate mousse recipe that would be able to fill a terrine (or other) mold, chilled and sliced. Any help would be great guys...keep it coming
You rock thanks! I'll give it a try
Specifically, looking for a large batch production recipe of a corn-olive oil cake (sweet or semi-sweet), and a sweet corn ice cream for dessert menu testing.   Any help would be appreciated, and recipes in weights would be awesome if possible.   Thanks! 
We do a seared scallop with almond/white gazpacho, grapes, marcona almonds, blanched celery, and a celery leaf/herb salad. It's beautiful and delicious, also refreshing and perfect for summer. 
 Well said. 
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