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I'm telling you, check out Charleston, SC. Great up and coming food scene, low cost of living, nice climate, and they need good cooks. 
This guy is completely missing the point. He seems to think that we are upset that he is upset, when we are really upset about his gross generalization of American chefs. Of course I wouldn't serve rotten meat, I wouldn't expect him to. But I also would expect someone with his experience to realize that it has nothing to do with nationality, it has to do with working in a bad kitchen (which are everywhere).  I'd feel much the same as you in your situation, I'm sure. But...
(All right let me try)             Salt Lake City.
Disrespected the industry? No, you disrespected an entire group/culture of chefs who have just as much experience, work just as hard, and care just as much as you because you worked at a Marriot or some shit in North Carolina. You feel however you want to feel about where you work, but don't come in here and blanket every American chef because of your limited exposure to American kitchens.  And also,  I fail to see what about any of my responses was irrational. I'm quite...
Again, what does being American have to do with anything? There are bad cooks, lazy chefs and substandard quality everywhere in the world. You are in the position you are in because of the choices you've made. You work in the kitchens you work in because you chose to work there. You are in the US because you chose to come here.  You want to come on here and bitch about your job, that is fine. Nothing wrong with that--this forum is a good place for venting. But don't act...
You said "what on earth is going on with American chefs." That is lumping an entire country. Working on a cruise ship doesn't count. And I know that Ramsay's shows are for entertainment purposes, but it does show that very, very bad kitchens and chefs can work in, gasp, Europe. They exist everywhere.  And again, if you are going to lump an entire country full of chefs based on your limited exposure of 2 kitchens, then the problem lies just as much with you as it does...
My thoughts? My thoughts are you can't lump an entire country and community of chefs into one category based on your 2 places of employment in the US.    What if I were to watch Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (UK version) and think that must be how all UK chefs operate.    If you have such great experience my advice would be to get a job in a position that can affect change and go from there. 
You expect people on this forum to know? You'll get a lot of "just cook rice from scratch" answers here.    But yeah, just cook rice from scratch. Buy a 20 dollar rice cooker, even. If you eat a lot of rice, it is a great investment. Perfect rice every time. 
 You make a great case
I wouldn't par boil them...the point of cooking them in the dish is that the starch from the potatoes holds the dish together. If you par boil you will lose most of the starch. Unless you par boil them in the milk/cream mixture to keep the starch in the cooking liquid. But what is the point of that, since it just mean more work. 
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