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You are probably too old.  What are your goals? Do you just want to cook on the line or do you want to run your own kitchen someday?    It's going to be hard for the first couple years out of school. I'm not just talking physically, I mean mentally. You are going to suck. You will be too slow. You will get yelled at/belittled (probably). The other cooks will probably make fun of you. If you are lucky they will make fun of you to your face, if not they will do it behind...
I agree, most clams you buy will be pretty clean. You may get the OCCASIONAL sandy clam, but in my experience it is rare. And yes, if your chefs insists on purging then overnight is WAY too long. It should take an hour or two tops.    Sometimes, the best answer is "Yes chef" even when you know you are right, lol.   "Hey, let's intentionally murder all these beautiful clams by keeping them in tap water overnight."  "Yes chef!"
Have you tried bleaching them? Plastic of course. 
Marco,   No pancetta or guanciale in your recipe? 
I'm confused, are you storing it at room temp or just keeping some out for service? If you are storing it at room temp I would stop and put it in the fridge. If you are just pulling it out in batches for service I see no problem. 
That sounds more like a failure with the emulsion not forming properly or poaching it at too high a temp. I've done sous vide sausage before with marvelous results. 
For service, you re-heat the protein in a water bath at a lower temp than you cooked. For example, if I cook my beef at 56c, then quick chill in ice and then store, for service I'd drop it in water bath set to 50c and warm all proteins up this way. They then get seared in a pan and finished. 
Not to mention that taking someone money to do a job you aren't anywhere near qualified for is a dick move too. Taking advantage of someone's hard earned money and time is borderline stealing in my book. 
New Posts  All Forums: