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I don't know how you can call something that has been around for 100 years trendy but whatever. I've also been eating it (when I can get it) for over 10 years...so again, trendy?    Have you guys actually ever tried it? 
 Does that mean Hellman's is a stodgy brand for old people?  Duke's is really good. Probably my favorite. I developed a taste for it when I lived in South Carolina for a while like 10 years ago. Something about the sourness really sets it apart, in my opinion.  Dunno what makes it trendy. 
What is it exactly that you thing would happen?
 Please let us know where you work so we can avoid at all costs. 
I understand what you mean by downtime. You mean the time after service starts, when I assume prep is finished, but before you get busy and the rush hits. Instead of having your line cooks stand around, you'd like to find tasks for them.    Personally I always did things that would help me out the next day. "Kit"-ing out recipes, peeling things (onion, carrots, garlic, shallot, etc), tying satchets for the week. Picking herbs. Making reductions for sauces. Things that...
 Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances dictate action (or inaction). When you live in a rural area and have VERY limited talent pool from which to draw, the need to let some things slide can sometimes become reality. Hell, sometimes finding someone who can do even a halfway decent job is a boon. There are a LOT of things I find myself tolerating since I moved away from the big city. We also run such a small crew that even being short staffed or down 1 person is a huge...
Seriously if you guys can get your hands on Duke's its really good. Like I said, I like it better than Hellman's but I can't get Duke's where I live. Give Kraft a try sometime too, I like their mayo a lot. I usually switch between those two depending on which is on sale.    I haven't found kewpie around here either (no Asian grocers), but I like Kewpie both alone on things, but where I like it the best is when I want to add things to it to make a quick tartare style...
Kewpie is great...basically mayo with MSG. It can be addicting. I find it smoother than Hellmans.  Also, nobody said Duke's yet. If you live in the South, Duke's is awesome. Used to be my go to, but now I can't find it where I live. So I use Hellmans or Kraft.  The Kraft mayo is surprisingly good. I like it even more than Hellmans.   I'm pretty sure the post was about Mayo, not God-forsaken abomination demon-babies like Miracle Whip. 
I think that your list comes from a good place but will probably end up backfiring on you. I wouldn't post this anywhere, I would call a meeting, sit down the team, and talk about the key points. Passive aggressive stuff like posting notices and signs reek of a sub par culture. Most of that stuff is common sense anyways (and the fact that you feel you need to post it tells me a lot about the place that you work) so posting it probably won't make changes...your cooks know...
Agar agar might work, you'd just have to heat some or all of the base to get it to bloom. You could then chill, cut the gel into pieces and blend in a blender. This is the major technique (basically) for a fluid gel and I've done it with yogurt and such before. You could also try making a cucumber fluid gel and maybe blend that with some sour cream?    I dunno, you said "easy," so I don't think that qualifies. 
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