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Ask the doctor if there is a diabetic nutrition class he can refer you to.  When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes my doc referred me to such a class led by a nutritionist specializing in diabetes.  It was terrific.  I got lots of information and a personalized meal plan to follow.  The nutritionist was really big on reading labels and I learned so much about the difference between what the front of a product says and what the nutritional label on the back says.  Good...
OMG.  Branston pickle is the best thing since sliced bread.  Honestly.  How about trying hummus as a mayo substitute?  You can flavor it with lemon juice, curry, peppers, whatever suits the sandwich.  
I'm glad I could help, American Suisse!!  Hope you have happy, happy holidays!
One of my aunts used to make these except she used butterscotch chips and peanut butter,  I found a recipe.,1610,152187-224207,00.html   I googled butterscotch and chinese noodles and there are several variations - some with cashews, some with peanuts, some with chocolate chips and butterscotch chips.  One with marshmallows.     Is this what you were thinking?
My heritage turkey was the best I've made in 40 years of making holiday turkeys.  I brined it in a solution of water, apple juice, salt, sugar, aromatic veg and herbs.  I'd never brined anything before, btw. Also smeared it with herb butter inside the skin and out.  It was soooo succulent, flavorful and moist.  Don't know if it was the bird or the brine but the combination was amazing.  Thanks BDL for answering my question.  I discovered the price of HERITAGE turkeys...
Thanks, BDL.  I'm on my way right now to mix the brine solution.  Found a good one with apple cider.  Will make apple, sausage, walnut stuffin muffins to go with.  Can hardly wait.  
So, we're not having Thanksgiving dinner until Sunday and I went shopping today.  Heritage turkeys were on sale for .99 cents a pound.  Got a $100 bird for $18.  I've never had a heritage turkey.  Was intending to brine a plain old turkey but will I need to brine a heritage turkey?  I still have a day to decide and could use any words of wisdom from you fabulous chefs and cooks.  Thanks so much!!
Pfeffernuse is a good idea.  Haven't made those in years.  It's time for a revival!  Thanks tylerm.  Also the creamy, white sauce or bechamel idea would be fun to play with.  Thanks HomeMadeCook. I've got my gingersnap dough in the fridge and will make those today.  The sauerbraten is marinating away and will go in the oven tomorrow.  I'm having such fun!
Thanks tylerm and BDL!   Think I'll throw some in the gingersnaps!  Jerk chicken sounds great.  Glad I bought it in time for the holidays.  I'll be experimenting.  
That's okay, Beargy.  Growing up in Indiana I didn't want to be there, either.
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