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Hello all,   I'm looking around to see if anyone could point out a protein yield cheat sheet online. I'm costing out a whole new menu for a new restaurant and could use something to speed up the process.  I found a produce yield sheet and figured there must be one around for other things too.   Thanks!
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The walk-in cooler on a busy prep day when all the food vapors mash up and hit your nose like a tornado when you swing open the door!    On a side note..I just had the biggest shit eating grin while writing that.  walk=ins bring back some REALLY freakin awesome memories...:)
Hey Techno,   The first chef I worked for said this to me when I asked the same question.   "Get a job the biggest hotel you can and learn everything you'll be light years ahead of the interns working here." He taught classes previously in a culinary school in Colorado and had never been to a class himself.  Cooking is a craft AND a trade, with that, experience plays a large roll.    The flip side to that coin is how far do you want to go?  My...
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