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Has anyone ever used one of these? I recently acquired a used unit. It acts like it's behaving but the finished rice is unevenly cooked. Has anyone had a successful experience with this beast? Tips, tricks and suggestions encouraged.
We just acquired a Hobart Q2 two door reach-in refrigerator.  It came with feet which I'd like to swap out for casters.  I called the local commercial refrigeration folks.  They want $175 for each of the four casters I need.  This seems a touch high.  I'm wondering if anyone has an alternative source.  Used is fine.     Cheers, Dave
A few from my misspent youth...   outboard - immersion blender tuna's/bobble heads - older patrons cheese melter  - pizza maker water - vodka when consumed in the kitchen
Thanks.  Doing a trial run is a smart idea.  
I've used it, peeled and cut into small cubes, in stir fry.  It's pretty yummy.
I'm cooking chicken and dumplings for 80 diners next month. My tried and true dumpling recipe is pretty simple; flour, butter, salt and ice water mixed together, rolled out and cut.      I'll have prep help the night before and am considering making the dumplings ahead, layering them on sheet pans and leaving them in the cooler overnight; then cooking the cooled noodles in the soup just before serving the next evening.    Can anyone see a problem with this...
Locally roasted Italian roast in a Krups Novo: Two shots in a pitcher drunk from an antique shot glass.
Oyster season!
I have to disagree with the "stay away from firm" tofu advice. I use a lot of extra firm. The secret is to freeze the tofu solid, thaw and press out as much liquid as possible without breaking the block. Cut into small cubes and fry in a mix of pommace oil and toasted sesame oil until it's crisp on the outside. Getting the right level of crisp is the trick. The fried cubes can be served salted or with a dipping sauce. The can be added to curries, soups, stews etc.where...
I stumbled upon while looking for some hints regarding making fruit tartlets.  I'm still struggling with the shells, but the pastry cream came out amazing.  Thank you Jill for raising the question and thank you Chef Pete for delivering the answer.
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