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WoW that was great analization and same with you i rarely like cake mixing, it make the taste more generic.
thanks for the list, i have the same scenario with Vagabundo but I'm not planning to totally switch to culinary and drop my engineering job. But i love to cook and plan to take a shorts courses to learn more..   thanks for the list, will put this at the top of my list.
may i know what it looks like and taste like? This seems interesting and i heard a few discussion about kosher canned pickles but don't know how it looks like and to prepare for it.
thanks for the list this really helps, i have small gathering with my aunties who eat kosher foods only so i'm looking for good thing to prepare. I just need to check if this available at Aviglatt and make a delivery.
  thanks for clarifying this up, im really confuse what the difference of them. Now I know they almost the same except the texture.. :D
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