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Loud and clear.
Foodpump - I'm the head of a consumer organization - you know, the kind of people who watchdog unscrupulous restaurateurs who think it's OK to put at risk the health and safety of their paying customers. And no, I am not part of a union.
Peter has the truth of it; Canola and rapeseed are sufficiently different they no longer cross-pollinate. There was a lawsuit settled in favour of Monsanto when a Canadian farmer claimed his Roundup resistant rapeseed crop was contaminated by cross-pollination from a neighbour's Canola fields. He lost. The gene making the plant resistant to Monsanto's roundup (a powerful herbicide) was first identified and isolated by a Govt. of Saskatchewan Min. of Ag. scientist. There...
Use science: make it both ways and check out the results. So many books repeat errors from elsewhere. How many times have you heard the pepper myth that the seeds are where the most heat is? 
Get a union in. It's incredible people still treat employees this way and sad there is support for that attitude on this forum.
Once you have this digested, we'll move on to regional Spainish cookery ;o)
Not sure where you live, but many Chinese grocers carry quail eggs at a reasonable price.
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