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Probably Local or State (MN) first.
I was wondering what the best websites or organizations to look into to find cooking jobs in other countries.  I've been a chef in st. paul/mpls. for 5 years and am desperately looking for a new place(country) to learn new skills and techniques from different cultures.  Any information would be greatly appreciated
I am a chef in st. paul, mn and am very interested in competing in cooking competitions.  I have googled this for hours and come up empty.  Any advice on websites, organizations, or any other avenues to try would be greatly appreciated
I'm inquiring about the best ways to look for airline catering jobs.  If most airlines have contracted it out to catering companies (local/national), what are the "big ones?"  Looking for some flight benefits to expand my culinary "zeal".  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thank you
Anyone know the best avenue to take to get a job working for an airline or a contracted caterer for an airline?  Been in the kitchen non-stop for the past four years without leaving my city.  Want to look into travel benefits to expand culinary horizons.  Any advice is much appreciated.  Thank you.
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