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I do not know what is correct, if there is  right or wrong way.When I hear ' pasta " I think of pasta being Italian first and Italians are known to serve the best pasta.
Whatever YOU. I like . I do prefer  mine without she cheese. For me the cheese covers up the taste of the shrimp. If you are Italian you know what is correct. I am not asking you to show me your passport.
Did you add enough baking powder ?    Was your baking powder very old ?   Did you have enough liquid ?
NO.But you are in same areat
No.Keep on guessing
I did read both  writings about MIGAS.Thank youI did read both links about MIGAS.Thank you
I stopped making my own tomato sauce since its cheaper to buy it and just like PETE said  doctor it up to my liking.
Ragu and Prego is food and not motor oil
Now my question.   What dish is made from  Onions                                          Flour                                          Spinach                                          Eggs                                          Pepper                                          Salt                                            
Sorry I did not notice any green . links on my computer show up in blue
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