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Thank you Bullfrog, I am not giving up . The contest did not begin yet .Let us hope for an even chance for all of us. What other stuff is there to win ? 
And add more . mushrooms too
Never seen them offered for sale, actually never seen them at all.and do not know how they look like.
It looks like all of us would love to get this . Do we have to fight for it ? I have never been a big fighter and feel to give in before the contest even starts  
You marinate in a marinade
Where can I buy elbow grease in bulk
It is not that too much squid will hurt you, But too much fried might be to much fat too often ?
Dogs and cats will eat it and chicken too. Otherwise it will make great filling for your garbage bags .
This time I am really glad NOT to be a vegetarian  
New Posts  All Forums: