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And all the places are packed full at all times.But then I ask myself how much can you really eat at once ?
Here in North Central Florida ( Ocala ) just about all Chinese Buffets sell lunch for $5.99 and dinner for $ 8.55 during the week and dinner for $10.95 Fri,Sat and Sun. On top of this you find %10 off coupons for lunch and $1.00 off coupons for dinner.
What you can do is go to your library and look at all the cook books they have there and write down all the ingriedient combinations you see in the pictures like the meats,sauces and vegetables and other  garnishes Pick the ones you like most and the try to copy them at home and after a while you will get a feel for it. And other great plated and very appealing photos you will find right here when you look at all the pictures displayed under "what did you have for...
You have to add some cooked  veggies like carrots, broccoli,cauliflower,spinach  or green beans to your meats to make them look more appealing.
Oh Sorry, I forgot to mention that they also need the name of the person they have to write a bonus check out to if the business is a successful one
Keep your work station as clean as possible at all times. Don't work sloppy. Don't leave it  messed up ever. Always clean behind you as you work.
A lot of nonsense is shown on TV today( and most likely tomorrow too).
NO ! You are never too old. When I retired at 62 and our Sysco salesman heard that I had turned in my written resignation letter I did get 2 phone calls from 2 different places who wanted to hire me.( 2 month before my 63 rd birthday )
No , this is not common practice and you should ask your line cook why he is doing it. It is common practice all over the world to shock your blanched veggies on cold water only. The use of  ice is fine ,but added salt is not needed.
Then there was  this lonely customer who always complained from the time she showed up without reservations every Wednesday at 8:00 PM when the place was packed and we all were busy. She was always alone and very demanding and we did get used to her complaining. Once  when she did not complain we all were surprised and I wanted to know what happened. I left the kitchen and went into the dining room and asked this lady why she was so pleased with everything this...
New Posts  All Forums: