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I was told that there are now empty cartridges for the one-serve coffe-makesr availavle online. This way you can use youe own coffee and this would now make it less costly.
Did you ever contact the Barbados Hospitality Institute at the POMMARINE HOTEL in Christ Church for their students who just had finished thair culinary training there ? One of my grandsons did start his culinary education there a couple of weeks ago .I have no idea of the quality of the education there and wonder if this school is any good ?
Most likely the restaurant used well roasted mirepoix in their gravy and I suspect, they also added some chicken base to give it a richer, stronger ,more pronounced flavor.
No one on my my list of Turkey leftovers is Turkey Soup 
To prevent your balls to stick together during the baking you dip then into melted butter when assembling the monkey bread. The metlted butter creates a barrier and this way you will have no problen pulling the bread apart.
Double the amount of eggs and triple the amount of bread(soaked) and you should be fine.
In my opinion the new single serve coffee makers are NOT worth the money at all and I think this is another gimmick to get to your money since you have to use their  far too expensive pre-measured individual coffee-packets.Yes it is very convenient but not worth the cost.You decide-it is your money ? I use an old fashioned small drip coffee maker( 5 cup) where I can make a single cup of coffee at the time. I did buy the cheapest one and bought a simple timer from...
Poor turkeys,you shoul never tell them it's Thanksgiving time
Give every filling its own shape?
What you could do if you are not happy yet with the shape of your creations,you make a few different shapes like a triangle ,an oblong and a square along  with the round ones. Then you offer them all together,side by side and you will see which shape sells first.
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