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I have seen more native Spanish speakers speak English than native English speakers speak Spanish.
It is OK to eat it raw
It looks like Mr. Escoffier owns all the liquor stores in every town by now
Forget about baking a cake and just make a large flan with Happy Birthday written on top
Its ok if you are  in Korea
In every kitchen I ever worked ,all the crepes needed were always made in a pan !!!
For most of us "cooking outdoors" means simply cooking on a bbq grill,charcoal or electric.You cook your meats ,fish or fowl on a grill and everything else you serve on the side is premade inside in your kitchen. There are very few of us who have the means for fancy build-in outside cooking islands .
Chef Ed covered most of it. I can only add rouladen to his selections.
A glace de viande would do it
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