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Egg wash before baking and butter after baking,right after they they come out of the oven
While  working for the US Army we made dinner rolls that had the same finish. We did use AP flour and the rolls were brushed with melted buttes right after baking to give it this shine
Thank you Ed for the tip. .A bit too late for me now. I could have used this way of making Potato Pancakes when I had my own place.It sure was a pain the you know whar when you have to make then little suckers in a busy restaurant and every custumer in your place is in a hurry and few are willing to wait. I could not change the menu since t came as a side with just about anything I sold and all my customers like  my menu.
In Germany ,right after the war , you could buy horse meat direct from the slaughterhouse once a week only.  Our Family never did buy it since my grandparents were raised on farms with horses.
In Restaurants we used  a vegetable oil and at home it was olive oil ( during lent only ) and bacon fat or goose fat (sometimes mixed together) for the rest of the year.
I grew up in Southern Germany and did my apprenticeship there too. Baking powder was never used in Potato Pankakes.
Besides  the baked potato bar you could also offer  a variety of stuffed potato skins. And an Ice Cream bar is always a hit
How about adding some pearl onions into your sauce along with a few orange segments?
Very similar situation while I was chef at an Officer's Club on a US Military base in Germany. We did buy our fresh eggs from the commissary and I was asked by some of the Mess Sergeants on base to save the egg-shells for them.I did have huge bucket in my freezer and usually some PFC on Kp duty came by to get some to be used on Holiday's and Sundays in their breakfast,. They were used in scrambled eggs, french toast batter and pancake mix to fool the troops.
Go for it and enjoy life while you can.I have been on over a dozen cruises from short 3 days to a bit longer 22 days and I never had any proplems at all exept that I put on a few extra pounds on every cruise Life itself is a risk everyday, so make the best of it.!
New Posts  All Forums: