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I did a 3 year apprenticeship: no culinary school. Does this mean I do not get a chance in this contest?
My daughter seen me peeling carrots an told my that I was waisting my time I Know carrots don't have a skin that needs to be removed . Every restaurant I ever worked in peel their carrots all the time . How do you feel about it ?
And collecting things you can't afford can also be some kind of  strange uncontrollable addiction.
It is his money he is waisting. If it makes him happy; leave it alone . We just can hope that he realizes it before he is broke.
People who buy knifes ,but never use them are called COLLECTORS. Some collect stamps ,others collect cars while others collet knifes . I too do dream of my huge collection of money but just can't afford it.
Do you think we can bribe Nicko ?
This is the first time I hear that you can add cornstarch to Hollandaise. Please tell us all more about it.
How can I get a mug like this ? Its just what I am missing.
What is vegan butter ???
We all know its bad for our health but still love the great taste and its ok if you don't overdo this forbidden fruit.2 Tablespoons once a week will not kill you. 
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