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Chicken vol-au-vent used to be made with a chicken veloute only.(Some chefs insisted to add an egg-yolk liaison)and some others wanted it topped with a hollandaise.
And don't forget that it matters a lot how you serve your spaghetti. 4 oz is barely enoughif you serve it with a watery marinara or if you serve it plain with only melted butter/or oil.. The same 4 oz can be satisfying if you serve it with a thick meaty bolognese where you added some Italian Sausage to make it more hearty with plenty of cheese on top.
A Very Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you !!!
Most likely you are browning your onions too long and they turn too dark and if you add your garlic in the beginning it also will turn bitter
Euch allen ein frohes und gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr !
We need to know what is in your  mix before we can give you any advice.
It looks like we all starving. Any volunteers out there willing to feed us poor souls ?
The worst thing about being a chef is that just about all your friends are afraid to cook anything for you. They all fear that you would not like it. They have no idea how much I like to be given any food food they cooked for me. I love to be served one in a while too and will eat anything given too me without criticizing the cook.
Pigs like a pigsty and real pigs will never complain
Nice,very nice ! Ginger Ganache sounds exotic. Did you use dry ginger or fresh ginger in your ganache ? I feel I shoud try to make it myself.
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