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I ever liked the taste of cornbread. Now I am stuck wit 3 packages of Jiffy Corn muffin mix I got as a gift. How can I make it edible ?
Where can I buy venison in Florida ?
When I had my restaurant I had on every page of my menu printed  " ANY SUBSTITUTION   ADD  $ 1.50 "   You drink your own coffee or soda instead of mine you pay me 
I was talking about a raw/uncooked filling Chefedb, yours sounds like a cooked filling, right ?
For years I did use corn starch for my apple pies. I just did read that a mix of half AP flour and half corn starch is better ? What do YOU say
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you up North !
You do whatever way you are comfortable with ;without cutting yourself 
I have to change my comment from "seems to be" working to " IS "  working . There are no fruit flies in my kitchen  this morning except of the dead ones at the bottom of the vinegar-cranberry juice-detergent mix this morning . Does tis mix also work with the regular house fly ?
Thank you PHATCH. The Vinegar-detergent mix seems to be working just fine
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