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Sweet Potato and Cranberry Muffin with bran
I thought MOONS were better known as Whoopie-pies ???
I'll have a SPANISH OMELETTE, made with real eggs,the real American way.I never liked the way they make their omelettes over there without any eggs.at all. They use Yuewhoss instead in all their omelettes.
Just add powdered sugar to your unsweetened cocoa powder and you are ready to coat your truffles
A trussed bird will look better and since we all eat with our eyes you will think it also would taste better.
I was told that there are now empty cartridges for the one-serve coffe-makesr availavle online. This way you can use youe own coffee and this would now make it less costly.
Did you ever contact the Barbados Hospitality Institute at the POMMARINE HOTEL in Christ Church for their students who just had finished thair culinary training there ? One of my grandsons did start his culinary education there a couple of weeks ago .I have no idea of the quality of the education there and wonder if this school is any good ?
Most likely the restaurant used well roasted mirepoix in their gravy and I suspect, they also added some chicken base to give it a richer, stronger ,more pronounced flavor.
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