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A demi glace is a sauce and a glace de viande is a reduced meat stock.
The easiest way to make a white pizza is to just make it without the sauce. Use all the toppings you want without any sauce. If you feel you need to have a sauce an ALFREO sauce works best.
To all of  you a healthy Happy New Year filled with lots of success !
Did you ever notice that there are no Canned NECTARINES on the market.? All other stone fruit is available in canned form but NOT nectarines .
Enjoy it ,hot or cold=
This sausage is sold only fully cooked and can be eaten hot or cold. I am really good at helping others not wasting anything tasty. Do you need help ?
Merry Christmas to all
Thank you mice  en place , I love pumpkin and will try this pumpkin bread recipe.
I ever liked the taste of cornbread. Now I am stuck wit 3 packages of Jiffy Corn muffin mix I got as a gift. How can I make it edible ?
New Posts  All Forums: