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What is wrong with kidney beans ?
Potato Salad was always part of our holiday meals. Since regular potatoes are no good for the bloodsugar I want to change from red potatoes to cassavas. Did anyone of you ever make a cassava salad ?
For me , a dinner salad should always include hard boiled egg ?
It is a used knife.
I have seen new knives for sale in Germany where the handle was just like the one in the picture and the US Army also issued knives with natural wood handles.
I do not have a membership card for Costco. But once or twice a year they let me in without one and I hope to remember Bel Paese. Thank you very much for the info. 
It looks more like a fillet knife to me if the blade is a bit flexible or a utility knife if the blade is not flexible.It I only can look at it and not feel it in my hand there is just no way to tell.
I assume you are making a tomato topping for bruchetta ;. In this case you can use dried basil.Take boar_d_laze's advise and start with a little and adjust the taste as you go along. Too much of any dried herb can taste very nasty and I don't want you to waste any tomatoes.
Southern Germany  ? where ? I am from AALEN.
It is my understanding that the harvesters purge the clams at the same location of harvest in the same seawater they were grown in. I wish I could tell you more about how they actually do it. Does anyone know ?
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