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Salt can do wonders for flavor in a stock
Years ago I had recipe for a compound butter we used in Switzerland on steaks and I lost it .All I remember was that there were 4 herbs.One of the herbs was used twice, (2 parts),while the other 3 were  used only once ( 1 part ). Does anyone of you now what I am looking for ? 
Thanks for the laughs! Lord. have merci
I do not know how it would affect puff pastry . We used to use toasted flour in gravies to get a richer brown look in Germany, France , Italy and Switzerland  years ago when I was working there. It was also used  in the US Army.  
You can toast your flour ,any kind of flour to the any shade of brown you desire in a low oven
I was told as a child that duck eggs should always be cooked well done only. Any truth in this ?
Label should read 'meatless'
If your butcher wants you .as a good and regular customer he should give you one for FREE for you to try out !
If you watched the game, It looked more like we could not win this game NICKO, I for sure did not want them to win.I wanted  US to win it all
And what would you guys recommend for rendered chicken fat ?
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