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I did bring smoked. cured meats  twice vacuum sealed thru customs at the Atlanta Airport several times and the dogs did not catch it. I had the butcher vacuum seal the meats the usual way and  the sealed bags were disinfected with a bleach solution before getting vacuum sealed a second time. I made sure the hands were also cleaned and used surgical cloves at the second sealing to make sure there were no trace of any kind of odor left for the dogs to discover and it worked ...
Saffron is a must from Spain and olive oil from Italy. Spanish olive oil is too strong for my taste
I used it to serve stuffed mushroom appetizers.
I add a few diced potatoes to my curries. As the potatoes cook and fall apart it thickens the sauce and then clings to the chicken.
Should be wonderful with grilled cheese sandwiches.
It will easy keep for a couple of weeks.
Or just Owner
Then is a Shop Owner.
For me you are  a Coffee Shop Owner
A very , very tiny bit of Mayonnaise or miracle whip whisked into the dressing will make it an emulsion and it then will stick
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