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Formal sit-down dinner or self-serve buffet  
AM  or PM ?
I see we keep on going.   Silly or not ?
to keep on going on or not ?
And then we have : Soup or Salad ?
Oven browned flour by itself is not a roux. You have to use it to make a slurry first before you can thicken anything  with it . It is another way to thicken a sauce or a stew but it does just not taste as good a anything thickened with a roux
At the last [lace I worked we had to make a brown roux once a week using one case of butte(  30 # ). In a heavy duty rondeau melt butter and heat up. Then whisk in slowly flour . We never measured the amount of flour just add as much as you comfortable can stir in. Then over  medium heat cook your mixture until id starts to change color.  Now put it in an 350 oven and cook uncovered until it has the color you want in your roux stirring it every 10 minutes or so. While...
I'd like to add a bit of Soy sauce as a secret ingredient bring more flavor to the dish .If you are against the use of anything from a bottle remember fresh garlic can do great things in a stew.
In most restaurants Croquembouche or chocolate profiteroles are served only the day they are filled. Croquembouche or profiteroles are the same as eclairs, just round instead of long. We usually made only a small amount and most of the time they were all sold by the end of the day. Any leftovers were eaten by the wait staff and never made it back into the kitchen. In a pastry shop I would  have a few filled for display only  and fill  them to fresh as I sell them.. And...
Since we now finally have the perfect homemade yellow cake recipe I am looking for the perfect "pound cake " recipe if there is such a thing..
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