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If you watched the game, It looked more like we could not win this game NICKO, I for sure did not want them to win.I wanted  US to win it all
And what would you guys recommend for rendered chicken fat ?
His passing is a terrible shock to all of us. I always admired his great knowledge in everything culinary. My prayers are with him and his family. Lord Have Mercy.
Thank you very  much , and I see you have the recipe posted by now alone in  a separate  thread 
I am still hoping to see the recipe of the "PRUNE CAKE"  pictured  from DURANGOJO  
You are looking for " chaud-froid "
You could call it an  "Italian Plum Cake" because prunes are Italian Plums
An Italian version would be/:   Chopped romaine Diced tomatoes Diced pimientos Diced Provolone Diced red onions Sliced scallions ,green part only Diced Mortadella Diced dry salami Garbanzo beans Fresh grated Grana   Best served with a creamy garlicky Italian dressing
Figs belong to the underrated category too
If you want to use parchment you have to wrap it he whole package in foil to make it air tight. 
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