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People who buy knifes ,but never use them are called COLLECTORS. Some collect stamps ,others collect cars while others collet knifes . I too do dream of my huge collection of money but just can't afford it.
Do you think we can bribe Nicko ?
This is the first time I hear that you can add cornstarch to Hollandaise. Please tell us all more about it.
How can I get a mug like this ? Its just what I am missing.
What is vegan butter ???
We all know its bad for our health but still love the great taste and its ok if you don't overdo this forbidden fruit.2 Tablespoons once a week will not kill you. 
I like my eggs cooked in Bacon fat as well as my  sauteed  potatoes.
Thank you Bullfrog, I am not giving up . The contest did not begin yet .Let us hope for an even chance for all of us. What other stuff is there to win ? 
And add more . mushrooms too
Never seen them offered for sale, actually never seen them at all.and do not know how they look like.
New Posts  All Forums: