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Long time ago. lets go back 60 years or so you found larding needles,curved and straight in different lengths in the toolbox of every cook. Then there were also  trussing needles . The last time I wanted to buy a trussing needle I had to use an upholstery needle, done the same job.
This ham and cheese omelet tastes like egg : if I  wanted eggs I would have ordered eggs .
To braise an eye of round it needs a lot of heavy larding to make it moist !
I still do not know why the owner of a small Italian restaurant in Los Angeles was surprised when I asked  for  "Chef the Cuisine" and not " Executive Chef " on the business cards he offered to print for me . I know I should have asked  him right then: but I missed the chance to find out. All chefs he had working for him before me wanted to be Executive chefs. 
Make a Stroganoff and you will have a winner
I pickle mine in a mixture of half  salt and half sugar only. Fresh dill if I have  it . but its fine without it too. Never any heat , just let the cure do its thing.
Long time back when I had my own place the waitresses wrote in the line for tip on credit cards the word 'cash' without any dollar amount.
Frees all of them and use them next brunch
May he rest in peace in the arms of our Lord and let us all remember him.
Jamaican Bliss
New Posts  All Forums: