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Congratulations my friend! A 35 min. drive is nothing for a good job.Been driving for over one hour one way most of my working years.
I love duck and love chocolate, but prefer to one first and then the other.
I have seen the same recipe where it called for a sauce Mousseline instead of the Bearnaise
Congratulations   ! It is YOUR wedding and YOU pick YOUR  cake 
Can you buy a prime rib that weighs less than the 18-20 pounders you are getting now ?
And do not foget to have GUACAMOLE on hand
Lonely peanut butter was playing in the park one sunny day and took a seat on a small bench right next to gorgeous jelly and from this moment on they stuck together into eternity.
You might be ready BUT I would not hire you just for a few months.for any position that requires any responsibility. I was always expecting my employees to stay with me for at last a year.
I don't think you are ready for a chef job yet
New Posts  All Forums: