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You do whatever way you are comfortable with ;without cutting yourself 
I have to change my comment from "seems to be" working to " IS "  working . There are no fruit flies in my kitchen  this morning except of the dead ones at the bottom of the vinegar-cranberry juice-detergent mix this morning . Does tis mix also work with the regular house fly ?
Thank you PHATCH. The Vinegar-detergent mix seems to be working just fine
Is a Venus fly trap able to get the Fruit flies ? They are extremely fast fliers, faster than house flies.
So far 8 fruit flies went skinny dipping in my Cranberry-vinegar bath I prepared for them.
I only have white vinegar at  the moment. I'll use half white vinegar and half cranberry juice and pray for it to work
Does it have to be Cider Vinegar ? or will regular Vinegar do ?
Faglia e fieno  Alfredo use to be our best seller years ago at the Chianti Restaurant on Melrose Ave in  Hollywood. That was way back in the early 70s when I worked there as chef.
I have kept  a bowl of fresh fruit on my Kitchen Counter for yeas and never had a problem  .Yes, I did see a fruit fly or two  a few times before ,but now they are all over my kitchen.
How do you handle Fruit Flies at home ?
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