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There used to be a place for tourists in northern Germany where the guests were served what they say was food the way it was eaten many years ago when salt was too expensive for the average citizen. Everything was boiled without any salt. Boiled chicken. boiled ducks, boiled geese, boiled pork, boiled beef, boiled venison, an assortment of boiled whole fish.  All was served on wooden plates without any utensils and had to be eaten with your bare hands. For seasoning they...
Pork in milk ? Never heard of this one before.
If your cucumbers turned yellow then you can make SENFGURKEN, .Very popular in Germany years ago. The fact is that you need them to be yellow to get the right taste.
30 % fat is the  best  an outstanding burger
Did any of you ever eat an alligator egg ?
There will be no difference for you to detect in taste or texture. Same goes if you use eggs from geese
I make pickled eggs first with lots of hot sauce added to the pickling juice and after having them pickled for 4 day I use the now spicy eggs to make deviled eggs 
Lomi Lomi
I used  to keep my diced raw apples I grapefruit juice. Keeping them in Orange juice  also works but it changes the flavor of the apples .
Hellmans always
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