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I do nor like the heavy syrup as is in the fruit  cocktail ; but once it is mixed with a lot of different fresh fruit a few drops of lemon juice, or even some vinegar will change the flavor to my liking.
I use canned fruit cocktail as a base just because my wife likes it. Then I add fresh grapes of different colors , a variety of diced melons ,diced red and green apples , diced RIPE pears (if there are no ripe pears I'll do without them ) and finally all the fresh berries I can afford.
Ground Cinnamon is very tasty as well.
There is really nothing that will stop your Guacamole from turning brown. everything mentioned only delays this discoloration, The best thing to do id eat it right after you made it : but then it turns brown too.
And if you do not like the salad idea you also can make a soup out of it.
I would use smoked salmon instead of the prosciutto. Heated prosciutto has a tendency to be chewy if not sliced thin enough.
And how about a chef's fork ? You poking raw and cooked meat from different animals all day long with the same fork ?
Sure, but mark it with the stuff you have added to the meat  so you do know what is in it when you are ready to use it 
It will make a little more firm as it cools down.
Additional butter in a ganache  makes it more shiny and a richer mouthfeel ( if there is such a word ) besides adding  more calories .
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