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I have done this before. You have to bake your cheesecake in 2 stages. First you bake it only half filled with your cheesecake batter at low temperature until set and the take it out fro the oven, let it cool a bit sit so is firm enough on top to hold your fruit filling ( I used cherry pie filling  out of the can but made it thicker with a corn starch slurry) You CAREFULLY add your cool filling over the baked first layer of your cheesecake before you top it with the second...
If you pay $ 100 for pasta you do not know the value of your dollar . 
Your avocados are doing what all ripe avocados are doing when exposed to oxygen.  You can google 'The chemistry of the avocado '
And if you do use bacon make sure you add lots of hot chili peppers since the capsaicin is known to prevent cancer .
Do not forget the bacon in your soup to make it tasty and if you make a bean salad with bacon it will be better than without it
Bean soup if it is cold outside comes to my mind or a colorful bean salad.
We used to reheat whole ribs tightly wrapped in foil in a hot oven and then finished on a hot grill .
This is nothing new. we all know by now that anything treated with nitrates can cause cancer. So ,I'll give up reading about it .
Call it a  WANNABE-PIE 
Thank you for the info
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