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Dogs and cats will eat it and chicken too. Otherwise it will make great filling for your garbage bags .
This time I am really glad NOT to be a vegetarian  
That's the same way it gets done in my home
Could you please explain the use of a yogurt maker for your sourdough starter ?
And I do take another step besides the ones mentioned. I add a layer of grated cheese on top the pre-baked crust and put it back into the oven, just to have the cheese melted and then. after it has all cooled I add the rest of the filling.
YES, Ban writing too because reading might give you ideas that could hurt someone
Okra freezes well but I am not sure if it is considered to be a green ?
And I like it on a otherwise bland fish like an Orange Roughy or a sole. Also tasty on any kind of egg dish.
Use it over French toast or over Pancakes . Also makes a great filling for crepes.
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