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I would use smoked salmon instead of the prosciutto. Heated prosciutto has a tendency to be chewy if not sliced thin enough.
And how about a chef's fork ? You poking raw and cooked meat from different animals all day long with the same fork ?
Sure, but mark it with the stuff you have added to the meat  so you do know what is in it when you are ready to use it 
It will make a little more firm as it cools down.
Additional butter in a ganache  makes it more shiny and a richer mouthfeel ( if there is such a word ) besides adding  more calories .
No need for a perforated pan!  Hot steam goes everywhere.
Prosit !
A very Happy Christmas to all of you and  may your New Year be a healthy one.
Don't take me too serious.,My thinking was more like your fries should be called Chinese Fries since you used Chinese spices on them .
And if your Chinese Seven Spices are made in Argentina it would be 100 % Argentinean: Right ?
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