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Lasagna sheets are too thick for Ravioli  .Use wonton wrappers instead
And in Italy it is called a" bollito misto "
Siedfleisch  is also known in other parts of Germany as Kronfleisch,or Wellfleisch,or Stegfleisch  
Tafelspitz ?
Siedfleisch ?with horseradish   sauce
by nutrient in broccoli I mean the "stuff" that makes it better than other vegetables. Is there more in the flower or in the stem?
It is said that broccoli is very good for you. Where are the most nutrients ? In the florets only ? Or in the stems too ?
it makes great Hot chocolate
Reheat it sliced and only heat what you will eat.. Heat it in hot gravy and do not bring it to a boil after you added the meat to the heated gravy or it will get tough.
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