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Prosit !
A very Happy Christmas to all of you and  may your New Year be a healthy one.
Don't take me too serious.,My thinking was more like your fries should be called Chinese Fries since you used Chinese spices on them .
And if your Chinese Seven Spices are made in Argentina it would be 100 % Argentinean: Right ?
What makes your fries Argentinean ???
Did you cool the cake in the refrigerator ?  Cooling it too fast could be the cause .
Forgot to tell you that you seldom get chicken tenders ;its mostly chicken breasts cut into strips  to resemble chicken tenders
Let me tell you a BIG secret. Most restaurants buy their chicken tenders frozen and already  breaded. And the few who do their own breading use the classical Viennese breading which is flour, then beaten whole egg and finally breadcrumbs.
beefcaccio is fine for me .It is your creation and you can give it any name you wish as long as you do not use a name that is reserved for  something  known specific all over the culinary world.
Ordo, Your beef tenderloin looks very tasty BUT you should not call it "carpaccio' . The name carpaccio is reserved for raw meat only .
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