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For me a steak hache is a steak tartare.
Like the name. Great choice. Best of luck selling beaucoup of it
My Grandfather used to have a raw one in a glass of red wine in the morning on an empty stomach ,
What is the name of your restaurant ?  Add treat to it and you have one name. What is the name of the gallery ? do the same now and you have another unique name. Or have a naming contest among your guests. Good luck and let us know the name of the child so we all can come to the Christening
Soft boiled, burnt
Pete is right !!!!
I love  dark beer with anything smoked
t will be fine with the half and half. in my opinion even better.
I also will use Hazelnuts as pebbles and maybe sesame seeds as a sandy topping on my pies if I am able to use something else besides butter in my cookie crust 
But I did
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