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Half regular table salt  and half white vinegar is the cheapest way to go. Actually you can use any salt , even kosher salt and any kind of vinegar you feel like using
For a great shine on copper you only need to make a paste out of salt and vinegar.
Pre-cooking your frozen apples with starch ,sugar. and butter (and raisins if you wish )is the only sure way to a great pie. .Let the filling cool to room temperature before adding it into the pie crust.
It was on 05/01/1954 a 8: 00 AM when I started the first day of my 3 year apprenticeship as a cook in Germany. A May-Day to remember forever.. Happy May-Day to you all
And I was one of them
Chef Ed is right. You are getting a better product by making it fresh, as needed
I do not own one and never hat the need for one
No, it takes time for the heat to get thru the foil!
You need to add elbow grease!
Sorry, wrong location. Could any of you moderators please put this post in its wright spot?
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