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I don't see why you want me to have an unnecessary conversation with the big throne if I have a breaded chicken for lunch and make me some meatloaf for dinner where I used my leftover breadcrumbs from lunch . Even if it only costs me a few pennies for the breadcrumbs There is no reason to waste a single penny. If you guys have too much money  ,I never have any to though away
If it is a small amount it gets tossed out: but a cup or more I will keep in the freezer and use it again.
All right then, I will only use chocolate then. Never had a problem with mold. At home they were always eaten right away and I only worked at one hotel where I only had to make them  to be given away complimentary along with a bottle of Champagne to a few special guests
Chicken with morels would be my choice.
Up to now I have always used just melted chocolate to make mine:but I hear that I should mix butter or shortening into my chocolate for a better shine. How do you make yours???
And I made enough to own this roof.
Swan grapes can also be grapes grown in the Swan valley in Australia .
All over Europe it was very important and still is today  for any cook to spend some time outside his native country to get a better understanding of what is needed to be  better educated in the culinary world. of today. I am curious to find out how many of you did experience another country with another language and how did it help you ,and what  did you lean from it ?  
In Germany they call the beer mixed with lemonade "RADLER"  Today many breweries in  Germany sell it already mixed in cans. Heineken also sells it all over Europe premixed in bottles.
Cooked eggs are safe for 4 hours without refrigeration , and 2 days if kept inside a fridge.
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