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Aldi is my No One store also, too bad that they do not everything I need .
Doe this mean I should smell my stinky cheese until its gone in stead of eating it ? What  a great way to loose weight
Sliced mozzarella with mold needs to be dumped. Mold on a block of Mozzarella can be cut away .Your blue chees is safe . A towel dampened with vinegar wrapped around the cheese will delay the formation of mold Parmesan is usually too dry  to get moldy..
NOW. I'd like to know if the stink in stinky cheese adds weight to the cheese ? 
And be sure the holes are not wet because wet holes weigh more! 
No. temperature does not matter, but be sure the holes are dry and cut out as explained in the holy instructions.
You only weigh the inside of the holes
Does this include the holes in the Swiss cheese ?
Why do you want to kill yourself ?
Wife and kids
New Posts  All Forums: