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I mentioned this one before. When I had my German restaurant I  had customers order our  best seller "Sauerbraten" and after they finished everything on the platter they complained that the meat was spoiled to the point that had a sour taste and I should stop serving it
I use mine almost daily when I cook for my wife and myself . I cook whatever vegetables we are having he old fashioned way on my stovetop and then ,when done I plate them as nice as I can and then the plated veggies go into the micro wave oven and stay they there until dinnertime . Once its time to eat I'll cook my meat or fish and then reheat my plated vegetables to join the fresh cooked protein just before we are ready to sit down and enjoy the meal. Am doing it like...
Peaches and cherries together are a very tasty combination.
Try to get your technique right first : technique you can learn and speed will follow with practice.
Yes and the you can eat your canary too, or your parakeets if  they get really messy. I wonder if the blue ones taste better than the yellow ones ?
I used to collect butterflies and had them mounted under glass when I was young and able to ran after them while they were trying to escape my net.: but now am far too old for such kind of games .
I like to poach my halibut in clam juice with a little bit of garlic added( A very little bit ! )
Hazelnut oil is great in a pie crust
And then they make you work for them ? And then  you make money ?
Aldi sells the pint for 99 cents
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