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Its ok if you are  in Korea
In every kitchen I ever worked ,all the crepes needed were always made in a pan !!!
For most of us "cooking outdoors" means simply cooking on a bbq grill,charcoal or electric.You cook your meats ,fish or fowl on a grill and everything else you serve on the side is premade inside in your kitchen. There are very few of us who have the means for fancy build-in outside cooking islands .
Chef Ed covered most of it. I can only add rouladen to his selections.
A glace de viande would do it
Get well soon  
15%FC means 15 % Food Cost  
Congratulations my friend! A 35 min. drive is nothing for a good job.Been driving for over one hour one way most of my working years.
I love duck and love chocolate, but prefer to one first and then the other.
I have seen the same recipe where it called for a sauce Mousseline instead of the Bearnaise
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