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I use deer liver the same way as calf's liver.
And keep them covered with a damp towel or burlap sack.
Not everyone was Jewish in the bible  and  not all  Jews  then, and  just like today follow strict Kosher guidelines. There were pigs mentioned  in "Matthew 8:28-32" and in " Leviticus: 11:1-47". It is my understanding that by law today no pigs are permitted to touch Israel' soil.
And I forgot the lentils There is no way that I will spend $ 75 for this book when can get all the info from you ,
All I know is what I have read in the Bible. They had sheep ,goats  horses and cattle along with camels and pigs. The bible only talks about wheat and barley. Then there are figs and olives. Was there any kind of water fowl like ducks or geese ? We do know of chicken and pigeons . Is there anything else I missed ? Fish near the coast and around rivers and lakes were plentiful, What kind of vegetables and fruits was there used ? I don't  think Jesus drank Napa wine.
What do we know about the food that was available during the time of Jesus in the land he lived ?
I just add blue cheese crumbled into an Alfredo  sauce.
Legumes contain a particular sugar called "oligosaccharide" that the human body can not break down. .When you soak your beans a large amount of this sugar is released into the water and by throwing this water out your beans will have less of this sugar to cause gas.
You can use the water you have soaked the beans in when you cook them, or use fresh water. It is all up to you. I prefer to cook my soaked beans in fresh water since it gives me a less gassy bean than a bean that was cooked in the water it was soaked in .This  goes for all kinds of legumes.
When you write "frying" do you mean deep fat frying like French fries ? Or do you mean frying in a pan like frying an egg?
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