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Tafelspitz ?
Siedfleisch ?with horseradish   sauce
by nutrient in broccoli I mean the "stuff" that makes it better than other vegetables. Is there more in the flower or in the stem?
It is said that broccoli is very good for you. Where are the most nutrients ? In the florets only ? Or in the stems too ?
it makes great Hot chocolate
Reheat it sliced and only heat what you will eat.. Heat it in hot gravy and do not bring it to a boil after you added the meat to the heated gravy or it will get tough.
Try fo find a cookie recipe that uses oil instead of butter. When frozen cookies baked with oil are softer than cookies made with butter.
Happy New Year to All
And do not forget that any allergy can come in different forms. I have worked with another cook years ago who war allergic to any form of cheese. He could eat cheeses in large amounts as long as his skin did not touch the cheese. If he licked his lips while eating cheese he had to go to the hospital. He had to eat it with a fork and make sure the cheese did not touch his skin. Once the cheese was inside his mouth he was fine. The German government had to retrain him for...
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