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I am thinking to make some Mud Pies for the holiday . Want to make an OREO cookie crust without butter What can I  use to replace the butter  in the crust since the butter in the crust will make it to hard to be eaten out of the freezer ?
And I made pumpkin pies without the pie crust, just butter your pie pans and add a heavy coating of cookie crumbs
Evaporated milk is is milk with about 50% of water removed. Use same as regular milk in Cooking or Baking . To drink it add a bit of water if you feel it is too thick on your tongue.
And your heart doctor charge  200:00  or more  per visit  and  then you need more money for medication too
The best to go with smoked salmon is spinach . But this in only my opinion
What did you make ?
Omelette  confiture  is for most European Chefs an old but forgotten classic
And I forgot. On cruise ships you might find some kind of smoked fish at their breakfast buffets. Also delicious in an omelette.
 Smoked Salmon  Omelette .I have whenever I can.  In Las Vegas hotel buffets with an Omelette  station I looked for smoked salmon where you usually find it next to the breads and the bagels and get some there and then take it to the omelette station to put id in my Omelette since they never have the salmon there, just the usual onions ,peppers , ham and cheese, and crumbled bacon if you are lucky
I once worked with a chef who wanted the GUMBO thickened with a slurry made from in the oven dark browned flour and water.
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