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I used to collect butterflies and had them mounted under glass when I was young and able to ran after them while they were trying to escape my net.: but now am far too old for such kind of games .
I like to poach my halibut in clam juice with a little bit of garlic added( A very little bit ! )
Hazelnut oil is great in a pie crust
And then they make you work for them ? And then  you make money ?
Aldi sells the pint for 99 cents
Lomi- Lomi Salmon is the only dish I can think off at his moment.
I would recommend to you  make your risotto in 3 batches of 10 quarts each. You could do it all at once, but you loose control over the quality. This is only my opinion and you might get different answers from other chefs???
I also used sliced baguettes ,buttered side down as a crust for my quiche.
This curdling happens less if you mix in your eggs one at a time after the creaming of your butter and sugar. It is also important that your eggs are at room temperature.
No need to make a paste first. I take my copper pot upside-down and pour a little heap of table salt in the center of it and then wet the salt with a bit of vinegar before spreading this mix with my finger-tips over the whole outside surface of my pot .Rinse well with water and you are done
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