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If  there any trimmings  from one cake at my house I put them on a plate one the kitchen counter and like a miracle  they disappear without any trace within minutes. It seems that there are never too many trimmings for me to worry about being wasted.
I'd call it  chipped beans
Single serve ,Individual trifles
I would do my larding on all my pot roasts and Sauerbraten. Never seen it don it done on Swiss steaks but would try it.
Larding is, was mostly used for large cuts of beef.( And old cows ) Also any game like venison, elk moose , bear and wild boar. I did hear that it was also needed for horse meat but I have never seen horse being served in a restaurant
Larding does in fact make a big difference taste AND appearance if done right.
On my last job all mail was opened in the office and the owner scanned all resumes. I only got to see the ones he was interested in hiring . All did get a reply. The rejects did get their resume back. All other resumes then came to me to pick from for an interview with me and the owner .
Long time ago. lets go back 60 years or so you found larding needles,curved and straight in different lengths in the toolbox of every cook. Then there were also  trussing needles . The last time I wanted to buy a trussing needle I had to use an upholstery needle, done the same job.
This ham and cheese omelet tastes like egg : if I  wanted eggs I would have ordered eggs .
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