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Or you can use SOY milk
If you use ALMOND milk it would be non-dairy
You do not need the weight at all and 24 hours is long enough for a thin piece of fish like you have.
You can use a mixture of cooked Great Nothern Beans and cooked Garbanzo Beans pureed and mixed with olive oil to look as close as possible to egg yolk, and if you add a  bit of yellow mustard few will miss the yolk.
Great pineapple pie, exactly how a pineapple pizza should look like
Then call it "L'Opera Unique" or " L'Opera Classique" ,or L'Opera Nouveau, or' L'Opera Ma Facon"  ,or "L'Opera Nouveau Facon"
Is there someone doing CPR on old threads to bring them back to life ? Please tell me why ?
Pickle juice ? It replaces lemon juice on breaded chicken and on fried catfish. Also is used to make a zesty salad-dressing.
SURE !!! Now you tell me the difference of using it on the same day or keeping it for a week in my freezer ?? ?
I don't see why you want me to have an unnecessary conversation with the big throne if I have a breaded chicken for lunch and make me some meatloaf for dinner where I used my leftover breadcrumbs from lunch . Even if it only costs me a few pennies for the breadcrumbs There is no reason to waste a single penny. If you guys have too much money  ,I never have any to though away
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