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If your butcher wants you .as a good and regular customer he should give you one for FREE for you to try out !
If you watched the game, It looked more like we could not win this game NICKO, I for sure did not want them to win.I wanted  US to win it all
And what would you guys recommend for rendered chicken fat ?
His passing is a terrible shock to all of us. I always admired his great knowledge in everything culinary. My prayers are with him and his family. Lord Have Mercy.
Thank you very  much , and I see you have the recipe posted by now alone in  a separate  thread 
I am still hoping to see the recipe of the "PRUNE CAKE"  pictured  from DURANGOJO  
You are looking for " chaud-froid "
You could call it an  "Italian Plum Cake" because prunes are Italian Plums
An Italian version would be/:   Chopped romaine Diced tomatoes Diced pimientos Diced Provolone Diced red onions Sliced scallions ,green part only Diced Mortadella Diced dry salami Garbanzo beans Fresh grated Grana   Best served with a creamy garlicky Italian dressing
Figs belong to the underrated category too
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