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Thanks for all the input!
I just scored my first job working at a gourmet food/wine store. The owner wants me start doing food and wine pairings in the store. I have complete confidence in myself that I can do this. I've been cooking in restaurants for awhile now and I'm still currently a sous chef at a small bistro. I just need some advice on standing in front of people, cooking/talking at the same time sort of thing. I've assisted with cooking demos before at large events but never had my own...
About a week ago, I was pureeing soup in the blender and the bottom fell off. This resulted with boiling hot soup all over my hand. If you don't have any burn gel in the first aid kit - use MUSTARD. Preferably yellow... I've never tried dijon :)
Just like the title implies, I'm looking for a standard reciple template to use inputing my recipes on to the computer. I have a huge stack of papers/napkins/order checks/etc.. with recipes written down from all the past restaurants I've worked at. I don't want to misplace them so I thought getting them on the computer would be a good idea. Thanks in advance. - Mike P.S. I hope this is the right sub-forum. If not, feel free to move it.
Check out Ambria. True classical french cuisine with an excellent wine list and sommelier (who I've met personally)
I don't know how it is in other kitchens but where I work - on the sheet trays theres this black tarnish that gets on the bottom of them and it leaves black marks on my white chef coat if it comes into contact. I've come to realize that these black marks are almost impossible for me to get out in the wash. If anyone knows what Im talking about - I could really use some type of pre-treating advice or anything! Thanks in advance
I start Monday as well at the Art Institute in Chicago. Good luck
Im sure this topic has been brought up a few times before - I tried going back a few pages and couldn't find any recent posts about this. Im going to be starting culinary school oct. 6 and I was curious what do you guys use on your feet while your in the kitchen. I've looked at Dr. Martins and Sketchers - they have some selection but nothing that stands out. Also, is getting steel toed worth it, or going too far? Thanks for the advice. :chef:
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