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Keep the people of course. Everyone is told the schedule is performance based. You put in the effort and show us you deserve the hours, we will give you money, oppurtunity and whatever you want if the job gets done properly.  Upward possibility, like growth? Huge..Best resturaunt chain in Canada with many opportunities of moving up. Fun menu? Atleast I think so :)
Hey guys,    work in a fairly big resturaunt and during this time we are looking to hire a few new people to get prepaired for the summer madness. I was wondering what some of you do to get people to come in and apply..   So far we have used craiglist, facebook aswell as giving staff a bonus if they bring someone in who ends up getting the job.All with some form of success but were looking for more ways to expand our hiring range.    Any outside of the box...
This is not homework. This is for my job.   Why am I asking here instead of a person in managment? because I was off and needed it done by the morning.
Thanks that explains it a little better and no its not a homework assignment...just trying to figure out this, food cost and labour.   Am I getting something wrong cause i'm getting a diferent price for the pecans?   My math I did was: 7 oz X 28.3495(how many g fit into an oz)  = 198.4465grams 23.92/1000 x 198.4465grams = 4.74684028
Thank you and no your assumption was correct. Mind giving me the math forumla so i can study and get it down? thanks
Hey everybody! Hopefully this is the right section ,if not im terribly sorry and feel free to remove it. I'll keep this short and sweet as best as i can. So anyways somebody in the kitchen I work for got some product for a family event and asked me to calculate how much it would cost him for each piece of product.   So anyways this is basically what he took and I just want to know what the right formula is because i've tried different ways and got different...
Anyone got a link to the full version? Would love to watch this.
The payment is enough to get through life and make a savings. If your the type of person who needs a giant house, nice car and stuff a culinary payroll will not make you happy.   Also you can have similar 9-5 jobs..for example in the resturaunt I work I start at 7am-4pm which is pretty much a standard 9-5 job.   0.2 here
I'm positive you need a visa for school aswell.
Before you decide to go to Culinary school I recommend getting a job in a kitchen first. Most likely doing dishwashing or prep and then slowly move your way up until you decide if you really want to go to school for cooking.   I'm 17 right now and I got a job in a kitchen at 16 and I started doing dish washing and prep, but I've finally moved up to line cook and am loving it so far. I plan to go to school probably next year if I still love working in a...
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