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Risotto with fresh spinach and chicken fillet medaillons   This is the only dish I can post that was made last week. Got the builders in my house since last monday and I will be very quiet here for the next couple of weeks.  
Pork tenderloin, leeks, potato and spicy cream sauce   Leeks steamed, new potatoes boiled; both panfried in the pan in which the tenderloin was fried while resting. Sauce made with shallot, garlic, stock, tomato purée, tomato concassé, cream, harissa, fresh oregano and fresh sage.  
FF, Destrooper is now in quite a lot of countries. While visiting the factory, I tasted "ginger thins" and another cookie with a lot of cinnamon in it plus candied apple. Both aren't sold in Belgium because ginger in particular and the other cookie aren't appreciated that much over here. The ginger thins go to the UK and the USA. Beware however for the price; they may seem not all that expensive, but when looking at the net weight in the packages, they all the sudden are...
Made with small eggplants; roast them in the oven (or fry them in a pan if they are very small), halved with some olive oil, s&p. Put on rice with a bell pepper sauce and cuts of turkey breast.   Parmigiana di melanzana; quite a lot of work too! I posted a recipe in the tomato challenge from last year. Nicko posted one too, recently.     My absolute favorite, eggplants with a tahini dressing; eggplants roasted in the oven (halved, brushed with olive oil, s&p)...
Gene & Lagom; that would be really something, having a few of those with both of you!   @ChicagoTerry You have a nice source of goodies in your neighborhood! Maybe ask her for Destrooper cookies, they are a true delight!
Mussels in a paprika sauce   I saw a picture of something similar on Pinterest and I decided to try to make my version of it since there was no recipe. Turned out as one of the best mussel dishes I ever made! - Start by making a sauce from sweating onion, garlic, red chili, a tsp of tomato paste and a pinch of smoked paprika powder (pimentón). Then add red bell pepper (peeled and in small chunks) deglaze with a dash of bone-dry fino cherry and let that evaporate. Add a...
Gene, that's definitely a "pasta deluxe"! Super!
Sint-Sixtus   Last week we went to visit the Sint-Sixtus abbey in West-Vleteren, Belgium. Nothing special since you're not allowed in the abbey but... these guys brew a trappist beer that has been crowned many times as the Best Beer In The World, the West-Vleteren 12. There's a shop where you can buy a carton of 6 bottles of 33 cl at 20 € per box, if available, and you're allowed to buy only 2 boxes per person to avoid speculation. Fact is that this beer is virtually...
You know, ordo, you made me think of some 20 years ago, where a lot of chefs finished many of their dishes with a few deepfried spaghetti stalks. I haven't seen it since, but maybe it would fit nicely for this question. Throw a few spaghetti stalks in not too hot oil (160°C). Perhaps a bit of salt for savory uses or sugar for sweet stuff? Careful, they will be very brittle!
Thanks Mike, I would be so glad to help you if the big large pond wasn't in between us. @ordo such good looking ravioli!
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