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It's a good idea to have a small can of Spanish pimenton (smoked paprika powder) in the house. Even a small half tsp adds a magic complex smokey flavor to any dish.
Pork filet, sweet-sour chutney style sauce of dried fruits and Belgian endives   The sauce is made with dried fruits; apricot, raisins, cranberries. I used some butter and let the fruit coat in there on low fire for 5 minutes. Then added white wine (let evaporate), vegetable stock, Iranian natural apple vinegar, pomegranate paste, soy sauce and a little dark brown cassonade sugar. Cook gently until the sauce gets sticky with a perfect sweet-sour balance and the fruit is...
So, I got it all wrong with my suggestion of the Chokotoff which are the very best combo chocolate/caramel you will ever taste.   However, there's also this one from my own Chocolateland. Produced by http://www.trefin.com/   Trefin éclairs, chocolate enrobed in caramel     There's also Jersey éclairs known for a horribly chewy caramel and the tiniest flake of chocolate inside     How are they made? Still no idea...
Thanks Petals!
Lamb neck and flageolet beans   Lamb neck, seared - carrot - celery - onion - lots of garlic - few fresh tomatoes - chili - white wine - water - bouquet garni with aromatic plants from my garden, tied together; rosemary - mint - lots of tarragon - oregano - sage. Flageolets (already cooked) were added at the last moment. Perfect match between lamb and flageolets!  
 I never used condensed milk but cream instead to make the ganache for truffle but I believe condensed milk is perfect for this job.You need approx. the same amount (weight) chocolate. Easiest way is to cut the chocolate in quite small pieces or to use pellets or callets as Callebaut names their chocolate pellets. Put the cut chocolate in a bowl. Bring the condensed milk to a boil and pour it over the chocolate. Stir gently until it all comes together into a smooth...
Carbonara made with Spanish chorizo and grated cabra   This experiment is a revelation. The eggs in there are universal but who says you need to use pancetta and Italian cheese? The chorizo was very slightly panfried, then I added a little left-over garlic and parsley butter.    
 A few hours, soaking timing is not critical at all. Of course, you need to dry the livers before proceeding. FF, the leaves are blood sorrel from my garden.
I think it's high time for a few people to start to experiment with different kinds of stock. My grandmothers would turn in their graves when they saw the poor chicks that are now used to make stock. In the old days, chicken stock was made from old hens, never from tasteless 4 week old chickies.   Anyway, I grab for these bouillon pastes whenever needed for tweaking quickly a sauce or even to be used in a soup. I have to encounter the first individual that will detect...
Here you go, Luc. The Belgian chocolate candy "Chokotoff" is one of the most popular treats made by Côte d'Or since... 1936.   https://www.cotedor.be/produits/Chokotoff%20Noir?p=3502
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