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I use Hokkaido for many years now. It has a few reasons. The very ferm flesh is imo tastier and deeper colored than any other, a bit on the same level as butternut. Secondly I don't have a lot of mouths to feed, that's why the small Hokkaidos (and butternuts) fit in for me.  
I see no benefit at all from marinating this kind of meat. Marinating is used to tenderize tougher meat and give it a flavor at the same time. Chicken breast is so tender that marinating seems so redundant to me, except maybe to add a flavor. In that case I would strongly suggest to throw out your store bought marinade.     As an alternative to your marinade try this; Put the breasts in a plastic bag, add a few tbsp. of sunflower oil, add thinly sliced fresh garlic, add...
Pork tenderloin with turnips and pumpkin   Turnip and pumpkin (Hokkaido) were cut out in balls, then steamed. The rest was cooked in chicken stock to be used for soup. Before blending the soup, I used some of the cooking liquid to make a sauce; deglaze the frying pan with red wine, add said liquid, reduce, mount with butter... delicious!  
Galette with ricotta, Belgian endives, Cobourg ham and Passendale cheese   This is an experimental twist of our national dish "chicons au gratin", a gratin of endives, wrapped in ham and covered with a Mornay sauce. The result isn' bad at all, next time I'm going to try a rectangle tart with the same ingredients. The endives need to be cooked first, braised, or like here, simply panfried utill they start to caramelize. I used puff pastry (store bought of...
Pheasant & chanterelles   Not my normal Thursday's plate of food, but I'm retired, so every day is like sunday for me Served only the legs and breasts. The rest of the carcass was used o make a stunning sauce.  
I didn't know either that the cartilage produces the ammonia smell, until today. We do learn things about food every day! It is also a fact like others mention that skate is quite expensive, but then, isn't all fish expensive nowadays?
I just visited an informative website on fish to check what they had to say about skate; http://visinfo.be/vis/rog-2/. It's in dutch and please do remember, some data may have to do only with skate caught in my country. This is my english translation on what they have to say on the ammonia;   "Mostly, only skinned wings are sold to the public. It is crucial that skate is prepared as fresh as possible. The cartilage contains a substance that produces ammonia when the...
Chefbuba, skate is such a delicatesse. I posted the following picture somewhere last year. It's a classic preparation with a twist since this time the skatewing was panfried instead of the traditional poaching. In this classic dish, this fish is served with beurre noisette and capers. I added gnocchi and broccoli as you can see. Beware, skate has a very short "shelf-life". No other fish starts to smell like ammoniac sooner, it needs to be prepared as fresh as possible!  
Split pea soup with pimenton   I don't like the taste of strongly smoked meat, which is almost a must in a dutch erwtensoep or snert as they call it. So, I used my pimenton to give it a lighter and more interesting smokey taste.But, it also colored the soup somewhat red instead of green.     Guinea fowl with grapes and sage, served with celeriac purée   I got my inspiration from this NZ blog where chicken is used;...
Yep, and end with another blast from the past so to speak, a grande finale with Blazing saddles, a cultural monument fabricated by M. Brooks. I never forgot the concerto in fart majeur. 
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