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There seem to be a lot of versions of it, like many other Dylan songs. I'm  not a Dylan fan as a performer, but so many artists made his work sound so much better.Remember this legend performing another Dylan song? 
I played these songs over and over again and I still love them 40+ years later.   Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger - Wheels on fire   Rolling Stones - Paint it black Brian Jones was still alive and played the sitar. Jagger at his very best!
Broccoli, haricots verts, tomatoes and ham salad     More kind of left-over thing. The salad has a "vinaigrette salée" on it, my favorite dressing and so easy to make. Use some mayo, preferably home made. Add 25-30% cold water and do use a whisk to get it into a perfect dressing and no, the mayo won't split. I also add a little extra seasoning and a little tarragon vinegar. Done. Add anything you like such as a garlic purée or fresh herbs. Delicious dressing even if I...
The Guess Who, Rare Earth and one of my all time favorite songs ever by Canned Heat, On the road again... thanks so much Michael, all those good memories for a nearly 65 year old guy like me.  Wasn't  it was plenty of exciting naughty times back then? Yes it was!
Incredible to read that so many people have to travel so far for a decent restaurant!   I live in West-Flanders, a very small province in Belgium that now counts a total of ... 26 Michelin stars from which 2 restaurants own 3 stars. That's only the highest culinary top. Of course, there's also hundreds of excellent restaurants, all within half an hour drive. The reason why we have one of the most dense concentration of high quality restaurants, brasseries and bistros is...
A white beer (blanche) is the product name given to unfiltered blonde beers. Then there's a whole lot of filtered blonde beers like pils(ener) with an alcohol percentage around 5% and less.And, there's the blonde filtered and unfiltered beers with a high alcolhol content, made with a different fermentation method and mostly with an extra re-fermentation in the bottle. Think style "Duvel" which is most known all over Europe but also the blonde abbeye and trappist beers....
Oh it's my turn. Emmmm, ehhhhh,... anyone want to jump in? Feel free!
Could be piccalilli or atjar tjampoer. I remember making that when experimenting on my try-out for babi pangang. 
@ordo Hilarious! Looks like Nouvelle Cuisine meets "edgy" plating.   BTW, I don't use the name "negative" space. Blank or empty space don't have that strange connotation that the word "negative" has. I also agree with dcarch - quote; ..you can't start out with the intention of, "I am going to make something with negative space".   I truly believe that plating doesn't start when the cooking is done but plating begins when you start to plan the dish.
Chicken, white asparagus and morilles (morels)     Monday is the weekly market day in a small town at only 5 km distance. Not that I go there weekly, it's more like a few times per year and... we have a weekly small market in my very own town too. So, I bumped onto these fresh white asparagus and fresh morels! Not exactly very Tuesday-ish ingredients, but hey, I'm retired, every day looks like sunday.   And here's a simple improvised dish with chicken that goes so...
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