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Gene, indeed, it's white asparagus season.    White asparagus, ham and sauce Hollandaise  
@Frizzly It surprises me that you don't mention Lagostina, probably the best known quality cooking gear in Italy, also widely available all over Europe. I have a large Lagostina cooking pot that I'm quite happy about. Especially since it was one of the very few (expensive) pots that I hadn't to throw out since I switched to induction!   Also, I recently bought a few Le Creuset 3-ply pots from their "Magnetik" line. Conceived for induction, but they go as well on other...
Roast beef, shimeji mushrooms, potato and shallot   Preparing Easter dinner for only two is a blessing at my age. Plenty of time and no rush at all, that's how I like cooking these days, using ingredients chosen "à la minute" in the supermarket with no previous planning at all, just browsing for what looks interesting to cook. I found this small piece of roast beef, perfectly fit for two persons, and "shimeji" mushrooms. I had to look for this name on the internet,...
 I like your style, @dcarch, I mean that in general. And even more your individuality, a true mark of an artist, not hindered by existing limits (aka "rules") or what others think you should do. In short; you have the mind of a free spirit. Something to be really envious about! Bravo! Your work above is a perfect example though on how to use a canvas -the plate- which is already the biggest limitation, and to position everything in such a way that it looks fantastic even...
I always try to keep in mind a few of the "rules" as mentioned in the group. However, this time it was more aiming at this crazy opposition of the two complementary colors. Opposition makes things interesting and arouse curiosity. Note; you will find a warm red background light on the left part of the picture and a cold lighting on the right part. That's simply because I have led lights under my kitchen cabinets and a set of traditional small spotlights built in the hood...
You're very right about the colors, they are almost perfectly complementary, not that I aimed for that. This was an experiment and I'm going to refine it. Incredible match of several tastes!Not the usual risotto as it contains no butter nor cheese but a little yoghurt instead to add some acidity and to tone down the strong chervil. The excess of butter is in the beurre rouge that matches so wel with tuna, beurre rouge is the unidentical twin of beurre blanc.
Chervil risotto, tuna and beurre rouge   - risotto; carnaroli/ chervil/ shallot/ sauvignon blanc/ chicken stock/ Greek yoghurt /seasoning - beurre rouge; shallot/ red wine/ cream/ butter/ seasoning    
Thanks butzy, van mij en Ratafrite!
Albondigas tapa   Made this yesterday just for fun; balls cut from pumpkin, steamed and fried. Meatballs rolled in dried lime + black cumin, almonds, hazelnut, black sesame, white sesame      
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