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Tapas   Time to visit my beloved Spain. If the Spanish see my poorly executed "calamares" or squid rings, I will be in trouble. My batter didn't cooperate as I would have liked, which you should read as; if I had added some beaten egg whites as usual, they would have been perfect. Ah well. Also a few "gambas al ajillo" known as shrimp in garlic. Yup, more garlic. And "patatas bravas", potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce.  
 Don't start about those scientists and their suggestions... I heard Einstein was quite known too for his secret research on young female nocturnal behavior. 
Yeah, I know, I haven't seen any vampires this week either and there was very little kissing if you asked me
Que aproveche, amigo!
Save some money to buy a Thermomix. This quite expensive device makes the silkiest purees ever from almost anything, including meat and fish. If needed, it will also heat its content to the most precise temperatures in one go. More and more amateur cooks buy a Thermomix here in Europe. You'll find at least one of those machines in any good restaurant nowadays.
Take a plastic bag, put a little vegetal oil in, add steaks, add a few sprigs of thyme and a cruched clove of garlic. Massage the bag a little with its content, fold and close the bag and let marinate an hour or so.  Note; absolutely no salt or acids. Salt extracts fluids, acids "cook" the meat. The oil serves as a fast transmitter of added flavors which are thyme and garlic in this case.
Cauliflower pasta with almonds   In fact, I was planning to make "albondigas con almendras", Spanish meatball tapa that I ate a few times in the same place in Spain. They wouldn't give me a recipe, but I tried and tried to recreate it. This time I'm on the right track, except, I had no mince in the house! So I made what I thought to be an almond/garlic paste that is probably used in the albondigas and put it in my cauliflower dish. The cauliflower dish was planned to...
@MillionsKnives too bad you're so far away, I would gladly come and help you Saturday to... eat along and watch you cooking  @Lagom sounds like you own a great mother in law! What a great birthday cake! Kiss the misses for me, will you?
Salad with warm chicken and chipotle-mayo dressing   Chicken again, forgot to put the rest in the freezer, but, no problem, I could eat this salad every day of any summer! Salad as you like. I used romaine, cucumber, tomato, chives. Panfried chicken breast with spring onion and red chili, all put on top of the salad at the ultimate last minute just before serving. Dressing is a mix of thinned homemade "10 seconds" mayo and chipotle hot sauce.  
Insalata Caprese   Go for Buffalo Mozzarella just for once and notice the difference! The worldfamous salad from Capri; mozzarella, tomato, basil; olive oil, seasoning and basta. That's what Italian cuisine is all about; MOFMOF; minimum of fuss, maximum of flavor.  
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