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Tournedos with very out-of-season stuff   Incredibly tender tournedos. The out-of-season company; - beans from Kenya; they are here again, these ultrathin beans that I can't resist. Boil 8 mnts, cool asap, rewarm in butter or oil with softened shallot. - mini tomatoes confit.  Grown in my own country, greenhouses of course. We got these all winter and they are simply superb! - rucola pesto made with rucola from Italy using traditional additions; olive oil, garlic,...
Pork tenderloin, spicy leek & potato mash, mustard sauce  
Thanks for the tip! I think I need to look that Maharaja up. I love mild curry powder, which doesn't mean it isn't spicy, it's just more elaborated. On that eggwash; use about 1 teaspoon on one egg, that's more than enough.
Roquefort bleu cheese seems to be the result of the eager of a young French guy to do what the French think they do best, and, it's not cooking, think "amour toujours". He left his bread and pedestrian cheese in a cave and forgot all about it... as I already mentioned above. After a while the bread grew mold and that went into the cheese, et voilà, Roquefort was born.   The flourless chocolate tarte is another dumb but lucky invention.
Curry "worstenbroodje" - Curry sausage roll   It's not a Berliner currywurst, but it tasted fantastic of curry too. Made this yesterday with minced 50/50 pork/beef and added only a few ingredients; an egg and a hand of breadcrumbs to keep it all together nicely and a seasoning of s&p, dried dill and mild Madras curry powder. Then roll in puff pastry and bake @ 210°C (400°F I presume) for 30 minutes.   I'll share a little secret with you. A long time ago I helped in a...
 We are one of the few countries in the world where people still consume raw pork minced meat! I've seen and done it quite often in the past. A crispy roll with raw minced meat was very common. In those days, there was an artisan butchery in nearly every street and people judged the butcher's quality by the quality of his minced pork meat! I'm not eating it anymore since many decades but a lot of people still do with some mustard or piccalilly on top.
Thanks guys. Didn't know you are a coq au vin specialist (amongst many other things), chefbuba.
Millefeuille, Opera, Miserable.
Thanks @Fablesable and please yes, do make it, it's a such a delicious French classic.
Great video, ordo, and hellooooo, what a mountain of harissa!!! I buy a 70 gram tube at a time and it lasts for nearly a year, if not more...  
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