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@Pollopicu Thanks, PP, that is as you know a true French classic, originally from the region of Nice (hence "Niçoise" for those who didn't know) at the French Riviera. Instantly addictive for people who never tried this summery dish. Salad, potato, fresh haricots, tomato, black olives, canned tuna (it has to be canned), eggs, anchovis and a garlicky vinaigrette. Plus a white or rosé wine of course and the right company. @jake t bud I love the leeks which are my absolutely...
You're very right, PP, she has definitely flamenco influences! I found this stunning video where she sings with Javier Limón... breath taking! And here you hear so well that nice "grain" in her voice. Thanks again for pointing out this fabulous singer, PP, I didn't even know of her existence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qenGMo5VbHQ   So, you're going back to Spain? Watch it, Spain so much gets under your skin!
 I know! Have you tried a clafoutis yet? Maybe thé ultimate cherry dish? Silly question, it says you're a professional baker under your avatar, sorry. 
Stunning dish, dcarch!
How about making cherry jam, I posted a recipe but the thread got hijacked;   http://www.cheftalk.com/t/77349/what-kind-of-jams-are-you-making-its-jam-time#post_473940
As a European and a fervent French cuisine adept, I never heard of a sauce Diane, so I had to Google it and discovered it is an American dish. Well, one is never old enough to learn, thanks for getting my attention to it, Yeller. Oh, I have to add that Port wine has a very long shelf life contrary to what you think. It's what they call a "fortified" wine, which is nothing else than a wine to which extra alcohol is added. It keeps until the bottle is emptied...
Thanks Gene, the haricots were not local at all as you can imagine, but I never can resist those very thin ones that are available now. You have fresh broad beans? Lucky you, those are so fantastic!
@nmikmik I think of a BBQ as an event that has to be exiting and to be remembered. One of my last BBQ experiments was a big success. I called it a "tapa" BBQ where I served different elements all in one time, Spanish tapa style. Never would have thought that a BBQ with a theme would turn out so well. Most of it can be prepared the day before. I marinated everything cut in the right chunks but without the skewers. Putting everything on skewers is quite a bit of work but can...
Salade Niçoise  
Baaaang! This singer gave me such a "coup-de-foudre", PP. Her voice has a very sexy irresistible "grain" in it, not to mention the passion she puts in her performance. Thanks for sharing this, amiga!
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