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Apricot jam with almonds   I removed the stones of a good kilo of apricots, added the juices of 2 oranges and 1 lemon. Adding acidity from citrus lifts the taste of this kind of jams to a high level. Then cooked the fruit for just a few minutes and crushed it just a little. As usual I left this fruit mass like that overnight, without adding sugar.   Next morning I weighed the fruit mass which was 1250 grams and added 1 kg (1000 grams) of pectine sugar. As always,...
Indeed, Rick, the outer surface will be somewhat crumbly and have that effect you discribe. I do want to emphasis the fact that I use a potato somewhere in between waxy and floury. They are more delicate to handle, but when you boil them whole or halved only, then cool them asap and only then cut them in chunks, they will keep nicely together.   In the next weeks, the first new potatoes will be harvested. Always such a treat! I like to buy the very small ones and cook...
That would be such a good idea after our loss, ordo. Congratulations my friend. Also congratulations to butzy, Holland won too from Costa Rica.  And... I'm so looking forward to the match Argentina-Holland. Could be a fantastic match.
Hahahaha.... our Red Devils are so ready for you and your team, amigo. We already beat the Russians, the USA and now...  BTW, your mezzaluna came out so nice! Don't use it when you lose tonight, we all love you here!
Potato salad with turkey breast   More info here; http://www.cheftalk.com/t/81210/potato-salad/30#post_474962  
I have been following this thread since the beginning, hoping to find a stunning recipe. What startled me is the fact that nostalgia seems to play an important role. Nobody seems to have written down or remembered that fantastic dish from a long time ago. Even more strange is the fact that everyone is going for an all-round potato salad. How about adapting the salad to the rest of the dish? It is a known fact that remembrance of a great dish is mostly some sort of holistic...
This afternoon, I was reading a recipe in our dutch "Ambience" magazine. this is a recipe of Wout Bru, a flemish Michelin star chef living in the French Provence. I translated the recipe;   Marinated sardines with "ratte" potatoes, sweet and sour shallot, tomato confit and basilicum vinaigrette 4 persons - 10 sardines cleaned, de-scaled and filleted. - 6 ratte potatoes   Marinating the sardines Juice of 1 lemon or lime - 2 dl olive oil - 1 shallot chopped finely -...
So, we beat the Russians first, then the USA and now that we enjoy our status of new Superpower on a global scale, our beloved Red Devils are facing the Argentineans tomorrow. I already heard they are asking the pope, an Argentinean, to perform some sort of exorcism on our Devils. Too bad, I'm sure holy water and beer mix well; one sip of that combo and you become practically a saint, like her;  
Cavaillon melon and prosciutto   Summer starts when those small fragrant sweet cavaillons from France are ready to enjoy.
Well, we did win; Belgium vs USA: 2 - 1   And what a fantastic match it was!
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