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Pork loin on the BBQ with new potatoes   Loin stuffed with a combination of nearly all fresh herbs in my garden, chopped garlic and piment d'Espelette, s&p. Seared on direct fire on the BBQ, then continued on indirect fire, lid on, and the smallest bit of apple wood chips added to the fire, for a hint of smoke. Potatoes; make a strong closed "papillotte" from alu sheets in which go the potatoes, garlic cloves, rosemary and thyme branches and a little coarse seasalt and...
I hope many of you have this plant in your garden. This year is the first time my plant didn't freeze to death in winter since we almost had no frost at all. Lemon verbena, also known in French as verveine, has a strong taste of lemon without the acidity nor the bitterness of lemons. It is not only known as a kitchen herb, but since ages also as a medicinal plant that calms your nerves, strengthens your nervous system, helps with lighter forms of insomnia, stress etc. It...
Make something that covers it all and positions you above the competition. It will also stimulate you, because you will absolutely have to perform like it says or you will have unsatisfied customers! So, how about this (logo and baseline are one unit!);    
Smoked eel is such a delicatesse on its own that maybe I wouldn't turn it into a pâté or "smoked fish dip" as the OP calls it. There are many possibilities. Some years ago I posted the following thread using smoked mackerel as a base;   ​ 
Thanks for all the suggestions! I was wondering, when using raisins in baking or ice cream making, many times raisins are steeped in rum. Has anyone done it with dried cranberries? I am particularly thinking to try to steep cranberries in limoncello and add them to vanilla ice cream. Never tried it of course, but I'm almost sure that must be a stunning combo with that touch of extra lemon taste from the limoncello.
Thank you Careme. There are as much paellas as there are cooks. One very popular addition around Valencia is... snails. But a combination of chicken, rabbit, seafood and snails in just one paella is no exception at all.
Ah, yes, couscous! Thanks FF! Had a nice holiday?
Some very interesting suggestions to play with, guys, thanks! I ate the rest straight from the package. The name "craisins" says it all when it comes to the resemblance with raisins. I love this stuff!
Yesterday I  made a discovery by using "dried cranberries" in a salad. I opened this package that lived silently and undisturbed in my home for over a year now, thinking it had to go, but I tasted first... wooooow! Little did I know that these "dried" cranberries have the texture of raisins but a much better balance of sweet and sour compared to raisins. I was expecting hard-dried fruits. I added a handful to my salad improvisation yesterday and ended up with a stunning...
Summery carrot and orange salad with turkey   It was such a nice and hot day, yesterday. Made an improvised salad that will stay on my frequent play-list. Grated carrot sprinkled with a lot of tarragon vinegar. In that goes Belgian endives finely cut, radish, scallion and orange segments which go so well with carrot. And, a true discovery; a handful of dried cranberries. Also, pan fried turkey breast, cut in large slices, rolled in a mixture of sesamy seeds, cumin...
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