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Beetroot risotto with chorizo   Recipe using dried porcini was posted in the fungi challenge;  http://www.cheftalk.com/t/84557/february-2015-challenge-fungi/30#post_497313  
With just a fistful of dried porcini...   Beetroot risotto with chorizo   The whole dish was improvised and turned out simply... spectacular! - cut a brunoise of beetroot - boil in beefstock with a fistful of dried porcini - decant now the very red beef/beetroot/porcini stock and keep hot. The beetroot brunoise will be used tomorrow in another dish. - make a risotto as usual with the stock - gently panfry some really good chorizo and use the rendered fat in the...
 Glad to hear that, ordo, I was kind of hoping you continued this tread much longer! And I'm certainly not the only one!
My pleasure, Gideon. You may absolutely love this collection too; https://nl.pinterest.com/asellis55/pottery-ceramic-plates/
@butzy veel plezier in Holland! Temperatures will be a tad lower than you're used to, so why not have a warm bowl of soup like I made yesterday;   Pumpkin & leek soup with mozzarella and bacon crunch   50/50 pumpkin and leeks, beef stock and a few spices added, pimped with mozzarella and crispy bacon that was rendered first to sweat the soup veggies in the bacon fat, then removed to be serve last minute as a nice crunchy top, struggling with the stringy mozzarella.  
Insanely popular (and expensive  in our country); Pascale Naessens ceramics http://www.serax.com/products/product/Tableware/Pure/   I chose these pictures on my "Plates" board on Pinterest. More an artistic choice, maybe you'll find some ideas here... https://nl.pinterest.com/ChrisBelgium1/plates/
 You love to cook with alcohol? Here's a sauce for a small quantity.- sauté your shrimp as shortly as possible on hot fire, take out of the pan and set aside.- deglaze the pan with 1/2 a cup of white wine and a tbsp. of Pernod or Sambuca or Ouzo or Raki. Let the alcohol cook away.- add 1/2 cup of chicken stock or shrimp stock made from the heads (don't use stinky fish stock), reduce to half, add no more than a pinch of cayenne pepper- add 1/2 cup cream and cook until you...
Babi pangang (Indonesian pork dish)   No doubt the best pork dish in my culinary portfolio! Long marinating of the pork neck meat in a lot of spices, simmered for a few hours, then roasted. Served here with Jasmin rice, meat covered with the separately made sweet/sour babi pangang sauce, also containing a lot of ingredients.    
ordo, you're the real burger wizzard around here!   Yesterday I had a try on hand cutting my own meat for burgers, something I never did before. I'm not really a burger kind of person but what a difference with store-bought minced meat! I did use veal for this preparation.   As usual I used lean meat, this time veal. I added some olive oil. The whole burger crumbled apart at the end of the cooking time; too lean meat probably? The olive oil? I also added some chopped...
@butzy that pdf shows the different cuts over 10 pages, each time going a step further. The major parts are in dutch and French. Very interesting info, thanks for that.   And, also in dutch, here's a video of flemish culinary students visiting a modern artisan butchery. Here you can watch half a pork being cut into the major pieces. The whole purpose is to cut and prepare the "crown" from the carcass;  
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