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It should be a fun challenge. I also have The Professional Chef book as well as The Flavor Bible. Hopefully I can put it all to good use.
Looking for ideas on how to do Top Chef or Chopped type challenges at home. I think it would be fun for my wife and I to cool new meals for the family in this format. We have two toddler boys that would have to eat the meals as well. Has anyone done something similar?
That's random. It showed up now but I didn't see it before. Thank you!
This challenge looks amazing. Wish I would have seen it sooner. Looks like I have some good inspiration. Did you put a January challenge up?
Thank you for all of that information. I will be going through all of that and picking up a couple of those books I'm sure.
I am an at home cook. I work my full time job in Healthcare and enjoy cooking for family and friends. You hear lots of terminology about different training types. For example "So and so is classically trained" how would I go about finding information or even a textbook and learning classic technique and recipes? Thank you -Andy
Just watched the finale of The Next Iron Chef. Both Chefs made something they were calling peppermint snow using candy canes. It sounds like it was some type of molecular gastronomy. Do any of you know how I would go about making it? It looked great. Andy
Had a fun chance for a meet and greet with Tyler Florence today. Bought his new baby food book sine my wife and I are trying to start a family. Also picked up a couple bottles of his new wine which taste good.   Didnt have to much time to talk though his manager runs a really tight ship.
I was looking into those classes because they are being taught through Le Cordon Bleu and there is one here in Seattle.  I am just looking for some classes that will help me with some technique and figuring out how to pair foods and such.  I will have to check the colleges, but when I have looked before everything seems to be part of the culinary program and for credit so in turn it costs a ton of money.
Seattle, WA area.
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