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Just watched the finale of The Next Iron Chef. Both Chefs made something they were calling peppermint snow using candy canes. It sounds like it was some type of molecular gastronomy. Do any of you know how I would go about making it? It looked great. Andy
Had a fun chance for a meet and greet with Tyler Florence today. Bought his new baby food book sine my wife and I are trying to start a family. Also picked up a couple bottles of his new wine which taste good.   Didnt have to much time to talk though his manager runs a really tight ship.
I was looking into those classes because they are being taught through Le Cordon Bleu and there is one here in Seattle.  I am just looking for some classes that will help me with some technique and figuring out how to pair foods and such.  I will have to check the colleges, but when I have looked before everything seems to be part of the culinary program and for credit so in turn it costs a ton of money.
Seattle, WA area.
Just looking for a little input that's all.  Or any other places that might be good to take some basic classes.  I want to improve and learn some more for home cooking.
I was looking into taking some of the Le Cordon Bleu Masterchef classes.  Has anyone here taken them?  If so what was your experience?  If not, do you think they would be some classes that are worth the time and money?       Andy
Ah!   That's no good!  I am sure what ever he comes up with will be great.  Maybe he decided the quirky antics weren't a good idea anymore.
I do watch Alton Brown, Good Eats.  I do enjoy how he teaches while he preparing.  He really needs to make some new episodes of the show.
Thank you for the links!
I also watch MasterChef.  It is a great show and always gets me thinking.  Always telling myself that if those home cooks can learn to make a souffle and braise those short ribs that I can also learn and become a decent cook.
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