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 Can't wait to try it, but it looks like it'll be a little while. No, I didn't know that about the fatty fish bones (salmon, mackerel, etc.) and eyes and gills.  Thanks for the info, and it's in time since I haven't used the fish parts yet.~~~
Thanks for that method/recipe.  I love Lobster Bisque.   Come to think of it, I've never used fish stock.  I've read about it and heard about it for years, but never really made it or used it myself.  Always shrimp, lobster, crab or some combination of those with maybe some mussels.   Glad you made me think about the fish stock .. there's few things I might ever make where the other stocks I love wouldn't do.  So I'll forget about fish stock, per se.  I do save and...
 Awesome.  Looks wonderful.  That might be a Christmas Week dinner plan. Just a few questions, not specific to the above recipe:  Do you use fish stock at all?  And were you referring to homemade fish stock?  How about homemade seafood stock, or say, lobster stock?   Or perhaps a bought seafood demi-glace?
 Geez, that looks great!~~~ 
 Koko .. how 'bout them Waycross Bulldogs!!  Guess they are still around.  Waycross had some teams back in the '60's when I played against one of them. Truffle Oil is a great idea.  But you won't believe it, I can eat it fine, but just don't LIKE truffles.  Don't know why.  Could be, like you guys said, I've never had the real thing, only the synthetic.  Thanks for the suggestion, though.   
 It's a sensitivity, almost an allergy.  Nobody's ever understood it, because it's only butter (margarine is worse) and it's been all my life.  The bottom line is, if I detect it at all, I get sick.  Thankfully, there are no other sensitivities or allergies. But it certainly has complicated my education on how to do REAL things in the kitchen.  But I'll get there, thanks to you guys.~~~
 Thanks, Mike.  No universities.  It's the Ivey League of my family.        
 Thanks.  I'll give that a try ...~~~ 
 No, butter is the only thing I can't eat, thankfully.  And thanks for the tip.~~~
 Makes sense, and I can see what you guys mean about getting the maximum flavor from the squash and vegetables. I've had some wonderful soups in restaurants over the years (not chains, except for Friday's french onion years ago), many that were bad, and a lot that were good, but not remarkable.  But some just stand head and shoulders above the rest. So I knew there had to be a lot to making soups, so for years I never tried.  Another thing is I'm sensitive to butter to the...
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