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Very sweet knife, I love it! I watched the video through the cracks in between my fingers ... why is it so hard to watch someone else wield a knife but I have no fear with one in my hand, makes no sense! Maybe it's just me!
Yum, I am going all of the above! The Greek peppers sound good although I am already adding things in my head ... olives, feta   When I make stuffed peppers, I usually go with my inner Italian and add marinara to my ground beef or pork and rice ... mostly cause that's how Grandma made it!
I use ceramic knives in my fruit carving because it helps prevent the oxidation of fruit and veggies which is very important to me. This was the original intent of making and marketing these types of knives ( I remember the infomercial cutting lettuce and apples to show they would not brown with the ceramic knife). The ceramic knives that I own have sheaths to protect them from breaking and chipping when stored ... yes, if you drop it will chip the blade or just plain...
Ok, group trip to Italy! I want to try some REAL Italian food!!!
Mmmmm .... soda bread! We would eat it for breakfast and dessert on St. Patty's day (and the next day) as kids. I will have to dig up my (grandmas) recipe and post
I didn't know about the "Trading Post" till now but I am a cookbook collector anyways, I have no interest in trading just buying more!
I have worked with culinary school graduates several times and some were good and some did not know a damn thing! I think the first half of the school is waste for someone like yourself who cooks everyday and does not need to be taught how to hold a knife and cut onions. Maybe they should have a culinary finishing school!!
Hello and a "Happy cooking season" to you 
Sounds really sweet, maybe too sweet ... I would like to taste test this recipe just to be sure though!
More importantly than the recipes is, do you have a place to buy common Thai ingredients locally? If there are no Thai restaurants in the area than there are more than likely less stores stocking the ingredients too. I sometimes have that problem, get all hungry for a recipe only to not find all the items   As far as recipes books, most of my Thai books are about fruit and vegetable carvings
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