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I have cultivated some Iranian friends who visit home twice per year.  They seem to have no trouble getting me the good stuff.  Ask around maybe you can find a friend
There was an outbreak of the deadly Hunta VIrus in the SW US a number of years ago.  It kills before they can diagnos and treat you.  It is carried by desert mice and it only occurs when the population of mice explodes.  You can inhale dust while cleaning your garage where these mice left traces of feces or urine.  We visited Mesa Verde during this time and signs were posted everywhere about it.  Dust containing feces or urine in a warehouse could occur.  I would think...
Choose a cake batter that calls for a nut flour, like almond flour and You could use a frosting that is predominantly cream cheese and sweeten it with Splenda or Stevia (Truvia)      
I am a long time customer of NutsOnline, they ship the product as described and in a timely manner.  I've always been satisfied so I have no comments for you on returns.  
It sounds like the Griswold biscuit/poacher skillet.  Do an internet search and you'll find some other references and pictures to verify this is what you found.  
Cream of Tartar prevents the egg whites from releasing their liquid.  In cheescakes this soemtimes manifests itself as weeping as it cools after baking.  Purists think adding cream of tartar changes the texture too much.  Its a personal decision, as far as I am concerned.
this website has a forum of people who are building their own ovens to bake pizza and hearth breads.  You'll probably have to register to see the forums.
Wasserstrom has some and they have mail order services.  Sorry for the long link.  You can go to the home page and type in blue bandage and get the same pages
I call it a feathered or flame pattern.  Feathered because in old books and ceramics, it was made by dragging a feather through the various shades to make this design
Soem of the ricers have holes on the sides, as well as the bottom.  Poor design in my opinion, they can squirt liquid out the sides and burn you.  I have food mills, ricers and mashers, which one I use depends on my mood.  I probably tend to use the food mill more when I am doing a blend of somehthing else with the spuds like celeriac or chestnuts..
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