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i have cooking for a while now and my family say  have potential  too so i am enrolling in culinary school of course not the expensive ones which i cant afford. i was doing some research on culinary scholarships and if you are looking for an apprenticeship like you say you are, google the american culinary federation. I don't know what the requirements are but call and ask to speak to someone. I have been asking for a lot of advice from people on the culinary arts and...
i was doing some research on culinary schools with a concentration in Baking and Pastry and Ferrandi comes highly recommended! I am applying for sept 2011 too, just waiting on my recommendation. There is a guy on chef talk who says he is in the program and apparently it sucks. Now whether its true or not, i dont know. I wanna go to ferrandi because of french pastry skills then i would like to open up my own little cake shop
when where you planning to start at ecole ferrandi? I was told 2011 feb is closed but sept is open
i'm confused! Chocolat says the ecole ferrandi program sucks and khurram highly recommends it. So is it or isnt it a good school?
OK so i have been doing some research lately. i am a culinary enthusiast. i have been cooking for a while now and i love it. I am 25 years old and i already have my first bachelors degree so for me, this culinary thing is more for me to gain knowledge and skills on french baking and pastry. and then in like 5 years open up a pastry shop.Now i want to start culinary school next year and i have been reading  some of cheftalk's blogs and i am not lazy, i did some research....
    i am studying to go to culinary school and i am looking towards applying to Johnson and Wales University. Now culinary school is on the expensive no doubt. i wanna know if anyone has been to culinary school especially in baking and pastry. was it worth it? really?  also i found this guy called Farshid Hakim, he owns a patissiere and cafe in brentwood california  called La Provence. he was on tv a couple of days ago in some competition and so i looked him,...
New Posts  All Forums: