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The Cuisinart  SM-55 is still available for $249.95 with free shipping at this site including a free Blender Attachment and a mail-in coupon for a Food Processor Attachment.
The Electrolux does look very good, however for my use the cost adds too swiftly.
Will any other brands bowls work with the Cuisinart? I purchased the Cuisinart 5.5 quart mixer from and got a good deal, the mixer with blender attachment and an offer to get a free food processor all for $249 with free shipping. I would like a smaller bowl for whipping if someone elses bowl will fit the bowl lock in the base.
I am researching all leads trying to pick a replacement for my failed Sunbeam Electronic Food Processing Center which lasted over 20 years but I can no longer find parts. I think its a circuit board problem but hesitate to get into replacing SCRs and etc being unsure of the outcome.   I have noticed that several brands claim that KA accessories will fit and all that use the planetary drive seem to picture a near identical flat blade, dough hook and wire whisk....
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