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you gave me some ideas!!! and i was working in McDonald's in the chases, sometimes in the kitchen or the dining.. and i know that they not cook there! they just put all the ingredients on each other even the salads made by a machine that you push inside the tomato's and stuff,push the machine and it cut in into a squares
and what about cook assistent?
ohh ohh wait guys!! i got the last question.. i have no idea how should i start my experience... i mean nobody will take me asĀ cook for now.. so who should i be/do to become to become a cook? what the possibility to find a job in a good restaurant?
ok thnx guys!!!
wait what do you mean i have to learn all this stuff to be a sous cheff? wher should i go learn all this stuff? in the kitchen or in some college or something?
thnx for everybody!!! you really know how to give a good answers!
if ill have a bechlor degree still ill should be a perp cook? how long its gonna take till ill do a good money?
wait you didnt answe to my question: what the salary in the bigining? what should i do be make it higher? now im really scary, i allways dreamed about it, and now you telling me that its low!!! what do you mean line cook, i mean every body have to start with it? how can i go higher and be a sous chef or maybe an exclusive chef? (what should i do?)
im wanna be a good chef, im mean a really good one! im 17 allerady and i dont know to what college to go if i wanna learn the culinary arts to be a pro as possible... and also i scared because i dont know about the salary,can you tell me about the salary to a good chef that got bechlor degree.. im mean i dont wanna do a 1000 or something for a month!!! is that possible to be a fish chef that get a 3000 plus for month? im mean i wanna be a fish chef but im...
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