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1. Always chill anything you want to freeze before tossing them in the freezer. This means that it freezes quicker and ice crystals are smaller. 2. You freeze individual cuts on a sheet tray then bag them so that you don't have 12 chops all frozen and stuck together.
 Tyler Stone is a complete utter tool.Yes, my user name is a play on the words apprenticeship, but I prefer to be called a cook because that's what I do. The chefs I've worked with, in Montreal, do more book keeping than cooking. I could have gone to Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec but I prefer learning by doing, research and experimentation. I honestly don't care what papers anyone has, talk is cheap. I've seen too many culinary school graduate chefs rotate...
I think my favorite "chef" was watching that tool that mangle the pig get drop kicked from Top Chef. I was literally screaming "WHAT THE F#$K ARE YOU DOING?!?" at the television...
  ...WOW...really?!?! and you do 50lbs a day? I'm surprised you don't have a dedicated french fry cutter. Heck, I bought one for home I like them so much.  Yeah you can chill and freeze after the initial blanch if you want to make your own frozen fries. Some people prefer that method and say it produces a better french fry.To each their own. I freeze at home, we don't at work.
Get a humidifier else you'll dry out your casings.
Don't forget the krazy-glue for first aid kits. It's wonderful.   In the immortal words of Jesse Ventura in Predator "...I ain't got time to bleed."
Good for you. The days of the misogynistic testosterone fueled kitchen need to be gone. I don't care if your reproductive organs are internal or external as long as you ain't sinking the ship.
Best deep fryer for home use is a big cast iron pot and a good thermometer.
I love my 22.5" weber smokey mountain. Stack up 10+ racks of ribs at a time and the temperature control is rock solid!!
http://eggbeater.typepad.com/ All you need to know. I will say that while you can be taught and learn culinary techniques you either have a strong work ethic or you don't. That is more important than all the hours spent dicing onions in class.     ~Apprentichef
New Posts  All Forums: