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Don't start carving/pulling into them till you're serving. Most BBQ places I know intentionally don't make enough for the volume they're doing. That way it's always moving and when they're out of something, that's it for the day better luck next time. Dried out BBQ is a guaranteed way to make people never come back.
Sounds like my cooking on a weekend. Happened on Saturday actually with a nice thick piece of shank. Get distracted reading the paper, cuz' it's the only time I can, with a cup of coffee and the covered pot start boiling. Turn the heat down, and it goes for a bit longer. But damn does it come out tasting fine after two hours or so.
Yeah, held meat is just awful. you're not talking about a big hunk of meat that can stand to be lying around for a while.
I called in once because I sliced the tip of my pinkie off from mid nail down on a 45 degree angle. ...I think I was justified.
It's a heat problem. Really need to let your bechamel cool off some before adding cheese.
I do a lot of reading, and the thing we're all familiar with is how all the great dishes and classics we've come to know and love is born out of what the poor people had to make do with. It's out go to comfort food. So what were the rich people of yore eating? Sure, I get that it's the tender expensive pieces of meat, but was it prepared differently? Did they have recipes for this stuff? I'm sure they must. Idle musings on a wednesday...
Tater tots are awesome because the way they are formed you get this wonderful texture as all the little bits get browned individually. It's like the perfect McDonald's hashbrown in cylindrical form.
I trust ChefBuba implicitly and it's solely based on his awesome forum avatar :) ...well that and his dearth of amazing posts.
You buy your sous a beer. Best advice ever.
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