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Sounds like a whole lot of being walked all over by your "mentor" that walked out on you once already. Think about what's important to you, then make a list by priority. Then sack up and make a decision
Do you feel less of a chef because you're not cooking on top of a wood fired oventop? Are you a less skilled chef if you can't flute mushrooms?   Modern kitchen equipment are simply tools to be used. They can be used well or poorly, that's where skill comes in.
I enjoy whatever is offered and keep my professional opinions to myself. If I expected restaurant quality I'd go to a restaurant. I have no problems helping out if asked because I love cooking so it's hardly ever a chore though if invited over with expectations of cooking I mean look...just ask.
...I died laughing. Thought I'd share.
Dash of Montreal Steak Spice on home fries as amazing.
1. You can absolutely get crispy chicken shallow frying. Your mother was more than likely putting in too much chicken and lowering the temp to below 300 when you should be frying it at 350-375 2. Don't ever leave hot oil unattended, even if the phone rings. If it's important they'll call back 3. There are no good home deep frying units. They just don't exist as far as I've seen. I have heard good things about pressure fryers but never seen one in operation. 4. The best...
Makking a basic internal website with pictures and links should be fairly easy. Touch picture, takes you to recipe. Another button and goes back to main menu. Sort of like a wordpress site.
If you ever do plan on going to Trinidad, let me know and I'll see if I can hook a brother up. My cousin should be able to point you in the right direction.
Dresses are not at all suitable for a busy kitchen environment. If you want to wear a dress then change when in the FoH.
Don't see much of a problem. Run it like a bbq place in Texas. When you're out, you're out.
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