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I love my 22.5" weber smokey mountain. Stack up 10+ racks of ribs at a time and the temperature control is rock solid!!
http://eggbeater.typepad.com/ All you need to know. I will say that while you can be taught and learn culinary techniques you either have a strong work ethic or you don't. That is more important than all the hours spent dicing onions in class.     ~Apprentichef
Never mind the fryer oil smell, the fresh cut fries frying smell = moar better. If you can manage fried chicken smell, that's even better.   ~Z
http://eggbeater.typepad.com/shuna/2009/05/how-do-i-get-a-professional-cookingbaking-job-in-a-restaurant.html Follow that, read it and apply it. Then read everything else she's written on that site.
Chef Shuna Lyndon, and she rocks my world with her attitude and posts.As to the OP's question, more than likely he's coming from mediocre places that taught him to do one thing only. Looks like this guy has lots of potential for a patient teacher. Heck, he sounds about twenty times better than the mouth breathers I get stuck with that are there for a day or more before dropping out.
 He's a new father. He's 18. He hasn't graduated from high school. He has a family to support and provide for. Failure is not an option, therefore trying something as perilous as a cooking is having your head in the clouds. We would be reckless and irresponsible if we did not lay out the truth about how the industry works.If he was older, had more experience, education, 2-3 years of fallback cash in the bank, then yes maybe that would be an option. Banks won't touch him...
Be yourself, don't be a bullshitter. Everyone in the kitchen will know bullshit the minute you make your first cut.   also http://linecook415.blogspot.ca/2010/03/stage-guide.html
Hate microwaves. The only reason I have one is for reheating leftovers. That's the one use that they're semi-acceptable for.   I've been eating out less and less because more and more the stuff I make myself is a whole lot tastier and in general better quality.   I don't need some shoemaker heating up food for me in a microwave and then tossing on some limp garnish. I'll wait 15 to 20/30 minutes for properly cooked food thank you very much.
Buy whole heads of lettuce and the very first thing you do is soak the things for an hour or two in clean cold water. That will extend the shelf-life exponentially. Store in containers and dump water daily. Prepping greens is quick and easy.
Best method for that stuff, and leftovers in general, is a stirfry served over some rice.
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