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I need some advice please! I am cooking for 15 yrs, but always wanted to learn more how to make beautiful cakes, decorations,etc. I would like to find a place where I could learn, I would consider internship as well. Any idea where should I go to apply? I am located in Los Angeles. Thank you for your help!
Hello,   I am looking for a commercial kitchen for rent in Orange County. Its really hard to find one, any good ideas? Thanks!
Cooked by Jeff Henderson,it's an amazing story.
I enjoy Italian food as well, I spent a lot of time in Northern Italy while growing up. Those fllavors are unforgettable. Could you tell me where is that restaurant in santa Ana? I would like to try it. I wish I could open my own restaurant now, but I need to start small. Being a private chef, the hardest part in my opinion to find each individuals taste and preference. I will keep you posted with my progress! Thank you so much! Gabriella
Hi , I live in California, Orange county to be exact, thats where I am planning to have my business. I cook Hungarian-French fusion, but I love Mexican and Asian flavors.   Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it!   OMG, so much to think about.   Gab  
I would like to ask your help to find a good name for my personal chef business. My main focus is on healthy , organic food made with locally grown products. Thank you very much:)
I would like to start my personal chef business, and I need help to find a good name. My main focus on healthy, organic cooking using locally grown products only. I would love to get some ideas from you:)
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