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For you who have had a fresh French baguette for breakfast with creamy butter and marmalade with your espresso, what is it that makes the French baguette different than those made in America?  I have had this argument with a few.  Some think it is the soil which grows the wheat, others think it is the water.  The difference in flavor and consistency is easily identified.   Thoughts?   Also, what your ideal way to make a dark, crusty, porous bread in loaves for...
I know we are talking meats, but have you slow smoked salmon at 200 degrees for 10 hours?  Medium rare, and out of this world with a yogurt/sour cream dill sauce on toast points...just a break in the meat action - 
Welcome!   You will fine a lot of eclectic and talented, thought provoking people on this site - no question is wrong because there are so many spins to their answers.  The aspect of cooking I enjoy the most are the people that love it and are inspired by it.  They are the artists of this industry.  Good luck and enjoy!
Woah!  That takes the prize!  Who knows what else was going on in his kitchen...and you should have complained to the state.  
Understood K - that's a frustrating one with no easy answer again other than training....  
This topic brings to light a lot of thoughts, indeed. Personally,  I think gloves are a waste of time and personal effect.  I met a chef, 83, still cooking to order, and we got on the subject of food prep and handling.  He has never used a glove except to handle hot equipment or certain types of seafood in prep.  He said he never once had a complaint of someone becoming ill from his food.
My concern raised by chefness is regarding the attitude and blaming of the kitchen for any problems - by anyone.  That shows a lack of professionalism, a division of departments, raises the question of the quality of the kitchen and that to me, is a management problem.     I think wages are something that, once agreed upon, are what they are.  I do think bonuses should be a consideration for any owner for people that contribute to the success of the establishment or...
I understand those situations.  But here is a recent example I observed of how to handle a busy night.   I dropped by a friend's restaurant on a Monday night recently - typically a slower night and a group of 120 called in 2 hours prior and told him of their last minute need for a facility.  Everyone went into bunker mode and it was as close to managing a situation like that to perfection as possible.  He beefed up runners for service, made sure they were instructed...
I want to include on of my most inspiring reads - The Auberge of the Flowering Hearth by de Groot.    
Great Tastes, Everyone!  
New Posts  All Forums: