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I have never seen this show but the title speaks for itself. SHOCKING.
Yeah British food can be pretty boring and bland theres no doubt about that. Although theres one thing you really can't shunt us for and thats desserts! We know how to make the creamiest, most calorific and most comically named deserts possible in the UK. I remember when I was about 15 years old, having my Auntie and Uncle and their three children from Bordeaux come to stay in England and I was so embarassed as we went to a really nice traditional English pub round the...
Yes English Supermarkets and local markets are really good for fresh ingredients. Always a lot of variety and plenty to choose from. I love the food in the Canary Islands. The local bodegas and tapas bars always have something new everyday and its so simple, fresh and delicious. (And you don't have to pay through the nose for it if you eat with the locals!) I think the key to good food abroad is whether the restaurants have got their ingredients locally.
You can't go wrong with a good takeaway now and again thats for sure! I used to live in north Germany and found that the food was quite bland but i've never tried Bavarian food before. A lot of people I know say that Switzerland has the best cuisine as theres so many influences from France and Italy. Sounds like a delightful combination to me!
I'm interested to see where people think the best food is in Europe. You can say just a country in general, a particular city you've been to where the food was great or maybe a specific restaurant? Looking forward to hearing your opinions!
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