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Hello I will be written soon, can you please advice what areas I should be working on for red seal in ontario.
Very nice, well if you have more recipes your doing please keep us all posted on the progress Jacob
hey their   You must have been so excted when you finally made the cake perfectly well congradulatons on that.   So can I get a slice or it must be all gone well too bad for me (good job)   Do you have a recipe you can share?   have a a great day and keep on baking   Jacob
Hello   I have been in the industry for over 13 yrs and working in many restaurant's throughout my career, unfortantly when I get chefs from my previous job's to sign off on the areas- sections I have worked they have moved on & can't get the work signed off. Have the 6000 hours required by the ministry, until I get all sections signed off I'm sitting in stage 1.   I live in Niagara; here is the contact info for the st. Catharines office to follow; and they can...
Hello,   My name is Jacob and I'm a personal chef serving ppl in their homes meal planning & dinner party services, every know & than I get request based on this your talking about, it absolutly frustrates me, because your worth more than that.     Question; Why don't you respond to the client & explain to them what your really worth, why the price would be more based on all the work you have to put forward, like labour, menu planning, serving staff, quality...
hey their,   Very good point about having lot's of exp in many restaurant's but also doing the same thing, this is why I'm trying to develope my personal chef business of in home meal planning and dinner party services, unfortantly my market area prevents substantial growth of a personal chef in the Niagara region, perhaps I should be working in the restaurant industry after all, this way I know I'm getting security.   where your from Jacob
Hello all,   My name is Jacob and my current culinary jerney is I run a personal chef business providing in home meal planning and dinner party services, live in the Niagara region and have over 12 years exp in Hamilton/ Niagara region working with some of the worlds best chefs recognized. Growth potential is to write my red seal and move on up to my gold seal executive chef, not sure if being a personal chef will cut it, may need to go back into the restaurant...
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