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how hot? fire it up, then turn down to complete.
grill em whole or steak em out. Don't know your area but for a storefront try a salad(thai, viet, etc) may work. Nothing like a grill going out front to bring em in though.
yeah, know what your talking about. Staff was charged the same as the kids so it was tough luck-take it or leave it. Might try a couple of tossed salads, southwestern, caesar, cobb, etc-did that on occasion when i had extra chix or whatever left. hth, danny
did the same thing a few years back. Offering anything other than the salad bar? Salad bar just kept simple and didnt change much-heavy on the ranch dressing, croutons, the other usual suspects. Kids didnt have a prob with it-especially for what we charged for meals...
dang i thought this was about fabrique nationale :)
indonesian/indian curry puff?sounds like it if youve seen frying em. if i recall right, flour, water, sometimes a touch of leavener and egg. if puff pastry see the other posts.
thought it was a 1X0..... ;)
thats on the low end-very low now days.
kinda funny actually in retrospect, if gas wasn't 3.40/gal ;).
heh, just had an offer of a whole 8.50 in the LA area-after going back for a second interview....
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