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Unfortunately I dont have permissions to attach photos. However i think that in that chocolate layer there is a hint of hazelnut. Probably its a combination of chococolate ,oil and a nutella like paste so that it remains soft even in refrigerator. The biscuits inside are a kind of streusel au cacao. The only thing i have to do is to find the quantity of each ingredient. Any thoughts are welcome :-) 
I will do as soon as i get again to that pastry shop. Its not very close to my home. Its either chocolate fudge icing or more likely butter(maybe margarine)-chocolate ganache  I am working on it. Thank you for your interest :-)
Hi chefs I am trying to reproduce a delicious pastry i have eaten from a pastry shop. While i found that they use a cookie flavored buttercream and a cocoa spongecake i am still stuck on how to make the chocolate layer. Actually its  chocolate cream (probably chocolate fudge icing) mixed with cookie crumbs. the dessert is built like that : sponge ,choco layer, buttercream, sponge ,choco layer, buttercream and a dollop of choco layer on the top  The major...
thank you very much for your answers
the macarons were perfect. indeed i had to bake them 1'-2' more. All they need is leave them a long time on parchment paper to cool. However does anybody know if i could use dextrose powder instead of confectioner's sugar to make less sweet macarons
  Hi chefs. I made macaroons today and they turned out nice when they came out of the oven. However their bottom was very sticky. I use traditional oven, pan with double parchement paper and baked them at 190 C about 8-9′ (initially at 250 C for 1′) with oven ajar. Any thoughts about what has happened? Thanks a lot
Hi chefs! About pierre herme macarons. I found some recipes and i am about to make some batches. He suggests that macarons have to been baked in a fan oven. If i bake them in a classic oven will the texture alter dramatically? if not what changes should i do? thank you
thats what i did and the mousse became fine. I just cant find out what went wrong with the other method which a lot of chefs suggest and of course pierre herme whose recipe i made...
Hi! yesterday i made a delicious pierre hermes cake which asked for mousse chocolat. I had to throw away some ingredients until i had prepared a nice mousse. The recipe called for melted chocolate cooled  to 45 C, then folding in a little whipped cream, then the remaining and at the end the bombe. However i tried twice this way and the chocolate-whipped cream mixture solidified. Finally i decided to make it in another way, mixing bombe with chocolate and then folding...
Hi! I have made this recipe 2 times. The cookies are delicious. But there is a little bit chewiness inside . Could please anyone tell me why this happens? I use pastry flour and i stir whith the paddle for less than 30''. I suspect that they either need more baking or brown sugar contributes to that chewiness because of its hygroscopicity. Any ideas? the recipe is the following    - 175 g flour  - 30 g cocoa - 5 g of sodium bicarbonate pharmacies - 150 g soft...
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