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French Fries,    It wouldn't surprise me in the least, for a collector of rare books to do so.  If I had the funds and space to do so, I'd be collecting all of Andre Norton's books, both in paperback and hardcover, and would be willing to pay a goodly amount of money for the right copies that I would need to complete my collection.    For example, a signed copy of a book that was first published in 1961, by an author that I know of is being advertised for sale at...
Thank you, Siduri, for straightening me out.  Petals, ty for telling us that, I hadn't known.
That set of books sounds awfully interesting to me too, French Fries.  Maybe I can get someone to buy it for me, someday, or when I start getting a bit ahead, invest in it for myself.
According to the SafeServ book, from the class that I took last year, there are 4 possibilities.  1.  Fish has to be frozen down to -4F or lower for seven days(168 hours) in a storage locker.  2. At -31F or lower until solid then stored at -31F for fifteen hours.  3.  At -31F or below until solid and then stored at -4F or below for a minimum of 24 hours.   4.  Certain species of tuna and farm-raised fish can be served raw or partially cooked without being frozen, IF the...
Where was this thread when I had to do my International Cuisine practical exam ( I had drawn Italy)?   lol  That ignudi sounds so delicious!
I use Firefox and haven't had any sort of problem, so far.
Try the book:        if you would like to know the hows and whys of things.  Honestly, I don't think that the book contains a single recipe, but it sure tells you a lot of stuff.  This book is required reading for the introductory class that in the school that I am attending.
I'm thinking that if you don't want the seeds in the final product, and you are heating the milk with the seeds in it, go ahead and strain the milk through cheesecloth, before you add it to the dough.  However, I am a beginning cook, so please take that into consideration.  I could be screwing up.
I make a point of telling people, that call me a chef, that I am merely a student, and in training.  I am no wheres near to being a chef yet, at least by my standards.  I have one heck of a lot yet to learn, before I even get close to that title.  By Pete's example, I will be, at best, a corporal, when I get back to work in a restaurant.  However, given my long layoff, it is more likely that I will be a Pfc/ Lance Corporal for a while, until I gain some experience. ...
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