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just as a FYI  In jamaica they eat codfish fritters, called flitters... they are flatter, doughier and greasier   the bajun ones rock!      one way they prepare codfish in JA that is great is to soak or bring nearly to boil 3x, break off in pieces and lightly fry with a pierced scptch bonnet pepper in the pan...in a seperate pot you place sliced onion, vinegar  with 1/3 water to cover and 5 whole allspice    serve the fired codfish pieces with the escoviched...
barbados makes the best fishcakes! Use real codfish, not pollack The one I get comes in a wooden box from canada, via Boston, boneless...Soak and simmer 3x but DO NOT BOIL...save he water in case too much salt is washed out  Put few heaping tablespoons  CORNMEAL in a bowl..add hotwater just to cover  add fresh WEST INDIAN (not french or lemen) thyme add chopped scallion, grated onion  !1/4, finely chopped garlic,  t bp  about a cup of cod  few tablespoons of...
SO WHERE DID YOU GO AND HOW WAS IT   I do not like how this site works and am having trouble following your thread   I'm Idaclaire and I want to know where you ate???ND EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT 
i like alton brown on line
check out mark bitman, moosewood, fanny farmer ,  t
i agree, the age is what matters most. Old eggs don't peel ..cooking with a few drops of white vinegar in the water is how i learnedto boil an egg
I'm for Lombardis and Grimaldis over Johns too.. I don't like roased red peppers on pizza but Grimaldis does that one right!    It has been YEARS but I like Gotham on w 12th? , the original vertical food     for some down home old OLD NY classic Italian  Forlinis on baxter St in Chinatown has grandmas porcini tortollini  (not on the menu) and many daily specials . Italians from italy used to come there to eat veal. If you go for lunch during the day and you...
Ok 1st, to whoever was offended by my reference to 9/11 insead of Ground Zero...sorry, I am a victim myself, a ny'er who has lived abroad and elsewhere eversince.  I was a TriBeCa pioneer, pre DiNiro, pre Montrachet, pre Odeon. I was around for The Breadshop and Les Halles when Anthony Bourdain was there. With that said, sorry, back to food Good list, I'd just have to squeeze in some of the famous ethnic food i already suggested. here's some suggestions   at...
I also enjoyed Pepins book and HEAT by Buford..and i read Ruth Reichl.. Room for lots more, start writing!
M.F.K.Fischer  She's the original
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