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any one know?
are you a puma? YES? Eat it.
I wear a wrist strap that protects me from the occasional 'oven bite'. When it gets a little gnarly I soak it in oxy clean, then let it dry. 
You went out of your way to accommodate this rude, well, I'll hardly call her a woman, GIRL'S, problem with you. You are a line cook. She is a 18 year old waitress trying to tell you how to work. Unless your food isn't coming out on time, or your putting out bad food, she has no right to reprimand you. Don't apologize. You already tried that. She's looking for a fight, not a mature solution. Keep doing your job. If she confronts you again, get a manager, your chef, or...
oh! Can I add the Modern Cafe? It's CIA issued and AMAZING. Just bought it the other day, and, it's changed the way I think about baking.
Joy of cooking is awesome for cookie recipes.  Cream your butter well. Add your flower slowly. Rest your dough in the refrigerator for at least an hour before baking.  Make sure to turn your cookies half way through baking if your oven does not heat evenly. Never over bake. Cookies will look too soft to man-handle when you take them out. THATS OK. They just need to cool and allot of that moisture is going to disappear. Don't be scared if what you see in the oven...
Jacques Pepin The Complete Technique. Amazing baking recipes, illustrated, great results. Classic. The International Confectioner. A baking bible. The Professional Chef (CIA text) is awesome if your just starting out. Shows you not only perfect results, but what can go wrong with your project and why, with photo's of what over mixed products crumb's look like, etc.
Work clean. It takes more time at first, but ultimately it results in faster, more organized cooking. Keep your cutting board spotless, your knife clean, your towels neat and within reach. Think about the way you lay out your world. Why is that sixth pan where it is? Is it close to your hand? Is that the thing your going to be grabbing the most of? If not then why is it taking up valuable space?  Every thing where it should be? Is your knife on the right hand side? Are...
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