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I do follow our German friends from messerforum.net for some time, but never heard of a sharpening service by Robert Herder's. Most people there send for heavy thinning to J├╝rgen Schanz.
Don't use both sides of a baseless stone. With time, dishing it on both sides will weaken it and cause it to break.
Our German counterparts found the Masamoto HC to be very thick behind the edge. Does that correspond to your experience? http://www.messerforum.net/showthread.php?126705-Review-aus-f%FCnf-Blickwinkeln-Masamoto-HC-Gyuto
I once handled a vintage French carbon that had only be steeled for decades. Soft as butter, didn't take any edge until I removed some 2mm of steel.
Don't worry too much about the angle you choose. If the blade is thin enough behind the edge it doesn't really matter that much performance wise, besides for the edge retention of course. One of my sharpest blades has an inclusive angle of some 45 degree with a one side microbevel.
Sure, but you may get even much better for less money.
You can't be serious. This is all about cutlery here.
Wouldn't call the Vics' edge retention that bad. Verify your deburring.
Which Misono do you have in mind?
Well, at least a stone won't fatigue the edge's steel.
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