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To the OP: if you live in the USA consider the Hiromoto AS 190mm santoku with CKTG.
I love the Misono Swedish a lot but am far from impressed by its edge retention. In a pro setting with poly boards have the Hiromoto AS and put a conservative edge on it.
Not using it at all is another option.
Not so sure about those Damascus being so fancy after a half year of use. The ones I get so see look just ugly.
According to my country's law I would say it's not in conformity with what you have reasonably expected. But yes, it certainly does affect its functionality! Besides it's annoying it's unhealthy with germs infesting the gaps. You can't use it for butchering poultry.
Pakka won't crack or split, feels like wood and can be sanded like wood.
Mr Iwahara is a very serious guy!
A handle with a little play in rivet or scale gives an unpleasant feeling, even if it's very small. With a vintage I once just used a hammer to flatten the rivet a bit more, and sanded afterwards to have it smooth again. I'm not going to suggest this with a new knife, though.
Nakiris: I've got the impression a lot of people like the nakiri's apparently simple form, but rarely use them and take their gyuto or santoku instead. Good to know your gyuto is a 240mm. I asked to avoid redundancy. An excellent santoku is the Hiromoto AS 190mm. Clad carbon. Core is Aogami Super, kept a bit softer -- at Rc62 -- than with other makers. These last years they come very thin behind the edge. As the maker has retired, they aren't made anymore. JCK is out of...
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