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Just curious about the balance point.
If I remember correctly their tip was very high. A bit Zwilling - like.
Looking forward to seeing your update!
The Misono comes overly convexed out of the box, from buffering, indeed. Get rid of that factory edge and you will be fine. The Masahiro factory is highly unpredictable. I got a new 240 with an extremely one-sided edge, and a 180 with a more 20 degrees right and 8 left, but still highly off-centered to the left. It doesn't matter. I put a 13/17 degree on it and see if it works.
240, 270. I'm not longer sure about the 210, LOL.
Misonos I've handled had the balance point at 1" from the bolster. The Masahiro above the heel.
I would avoid the Masamoto HC as the QC seems to be unexistent if you consider the numerous very serious Fit&Finish issues that have been reported. With Misono F&F are exceptional at its price point. Masahiro Virgin Carbons are more basic but without serious flaws. The Masahiro steel is much harder and much less reactive than the Misono one. Misonos have an appealing spear point tip, Masahiros the typical delayed dropping gyuto tip which is less vulnerable and assures...
Rinse ASAP with a lot of very hot water. This will greatly enhance the formation of a patina.
Ask for an initial stone sharpening. It delivers a far better edge than the usual factory edge, and provides a reference for your own sharpening later on.
You're most welcome, Chris
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