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About which so-called Japanese blades that are actually made in China are you speaking?
Robert Herder, carbon Tranchelard, 1922 series
You don't want a wide blade with meat, a typical slicer is narrow so it doesn't cause dragging.
What do you mean by the manual sharpener?
Even with stainless, the edge will benefit from being kept clean, just as with carbons. Micro-corrosion occurs on stainless edges as well.
I think the W├╝sthof and Zwilling guys don't use a furnace anymore, but use induction.
As a simple end-user I would think such a margin is just extravagant.
Never seen any user going back to the 210, coming from that and having used a 240.
If you want to understand anything about a steel type, see zkives.com
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