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I've used the Syogeki Deep Impact with crappy poly boards, and its edge retention is remarkable. Very thin behind the edge, but certainly no laser and a bit of convexity for good food separation.
Sure. Any abrasive. Think coarse ScotchBrite. But perhaps someone has a chemical instead of a mechanical solution.
JCK tends rather to overestimate Misono and underestimate Fujiwara, so for obvious reasons. CKTG states 59 for the FKM, which seems credible to me.
The Misono Moly is quite a bit softer than both the 440 and Fujiwara FKM.
With the Misono stainless I would prefer the 440 over the Moly, which is really soft.
I apologise, didn't read the entire thread, just answered Foodie's question and thought is was about the carbons we've discussed so often before.
The Misono steel is very finely grained, the Fujiwara is a bit coarser, providing some bite. I just got a new Fujiwara and am quite impressed by the level of Fit&Finish at this price point. F&F with the Misono is unsurpassed though. Both steels are very reactive and forcing a patina is a necessity. Older reports about sulphur smell don't apply any longer. The Misono comes with an overly convexed edge, quite weak due to the factory buffering. Recent Fujiwaras come with...
Not to speak of subtle things like steering compensation...
To be sent back ASAP.
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