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It's Jon Broida's site. He knows his stuff.
Have a chef's knife ("gyuto") and a 150mm petty. Get them with Korin.com or Broida's Japaneseknifeimports.com and ask for an initial stone sharpening.
Much easier sharpening, finer grain, much sharper at the same angle. Lower costs.
VC: virgin carbon
VG-10 is very difficult to sharpen. The Misono 440 is finely grained and will sharpen easily. Edge retention is not spectacular. Expect some frequent touching-ups. A few strokes on a 2k, some leather and that's all.
From top to bottom: modern French, used Misono, brand new Hiromoto.
Those high tips are fun only for very tall rock-choppers working on far too low a counter.
I guess that's one of the numerous VG-10 blades with a faux-damascus cladding. To be avoided. In general they are fairly thick behind the edge. The damascus-pattern won't look that pretty after a few months of use and a bit of sharpening. And VG-10 is probably the worst steel to sharpen if you're not very experienced. Better have a middle-of-the-road stainless gyuto to start with. JCK offers an end-of-the-year discount and free shipping. E.g. this Misono...
IIRC from sharpening SLD/SKD11: very abrasion resistant, coarsely grained. Technically almost stainless. Even an obtuse edge will perform very aggressively. Requires fast cutting stones and some sharpening experience.
http://japanesechefsknife.com/Hiromoto.html#Hiromoto The Hiromoto AS 190mm santoku is one of the best I know. A bit longer, with a great core steel, easy sharpening and thin behind the edge. Attractive price and free shipping.
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