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Trying a new knife doesn't make much sense to me -- the first impression is mostly very wrong. It says more about what I'm used to than about what I'm actually handling. If you're not very precise about your requirements have a middle of the road blade, and perhaps develop your technique a bit further. Once you know what you can and you can't you may specify more precise wishes.
I always want to try the OOTB edge, but invariably end with my own edge, after an hour, or after one day.
I should add a factory edge is generally a poor edge, made by the youngest apprentice in a few strokes and involving a buffering wheel that will weaken that same edge. Most users won't care, as they put their own edge as soon as they have the knife. Some retailers do offer stone sharpening. Don't expect too much, but it might be helpful to novices.
A carbon core with a stainless clad has a very easy maintenance, just the same as you should do with full stainless: weap off the edge after every use, clean and dry the entire blade before putting it away. Aogami #2 core as used in the JCK Kagayaki series is not very reactive. As on all carbon steel a patina will appear, and from that moment on, you're quite sure about keeping real rust staying away. With full carbons you may encounter some -- not too dramatic --...
Very shortly: the so-called Kasumi is a very common VG-10 with a faux-Damascus clad. Not very interesting performance-wise. The clad will look terrible after a few months of use. The Shun is in the same category, just more expensive, and has a very German profile: a lot of belly, and a high tip. Poor value, and fairly thick behind the edge. The Global was an interesting knife on the market when it appeared some 30 years ago. Relatively soft stainless, sharp out of the...
Thanks, Atatax!
What is that gyuto, second from left?
Is it my crappy phone screen, or do I see some corrosion around the breakage point?
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