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How did you maintain the Wüsthofs and Shuns so far except for the honing rod? Did they got any sharpening? Was it the factory edge you honed?
Tip corrections are very common. You loose a bit of length. Shorten by abrading from the spine, use automotive sandpaper with a linen backing. A few minutes of work unless there is some serious damage.
When your customs officers do their job, you pay 8.5% import tax, your local high VAT and handling costs.
This is what a carbon knife looks like -- the left one, after a bit of use. Better get used to it.
No need for sharpening! The factory edge is crazy sharp but weak, won't hold.
The ones I've seen came with an edge you shouldn't work with. Just made to ease sharpening by the end user or retailer. And put a patina on it prior to the first sharpening.
Get a sujihiki, a Japanese slicer. Best a carbon steel one, as long as usable at work. One preliminary question: do you know how to sharpen? And I would certainly avoid anything that's flexible. Try a simple carbon one as http://japanesechefsknife.com/FKHSeries.html#FKH or, http://japanesechefsknife.com/SwedenSteelSeries.html#SwedenSteel and learn sharpening from the first day -- as most knives come with a very weak edge out of the box.
See factory edge only as a service to make further sharpening a bit easier.
Welcome aboard! If the edge is catching in the board there's a serious problem. The steel behind the edge is much thinner than with a Wüsthof, and the steel much harder and less forgiving. You may cause serious chipping. Feel along the edge -- on the sides please -- with your nail. If it feels irregular some little damage has occurred and you may consider a more conservative edge with next sharpening round. Perfectly normal with a new blade: factory edges are often both...
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