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For the reverse belly and protruding fingerguards: automotive sand'paper' on linen, P120. I use "Metall" by Robert Bosch, but you should have similar stuff in the States.
Fujiwara Fkh or Herder 1922 are more than decent carbons.
Depending on the steel I stop at 800 or 8k. What steel do you have in mind?
For sure, you may get your knife very sharp on a 1200 stone, no doubt about it -- besides some special cases of steels that require careful abrading of the burr. But you don't want to maintain it with that 1200 grit or you will lose alot of material and the blade will get very thick behind the edge.
No need for a high tip though unless you're very tall and have a low counter.
As for the pizza cu┼ąter replacement: have a carbon steel sujihiki like the Fujiwara Fkh 270mm one with japanesechefsknife.com
Heat will be a problem if you have a very long contact above 200C, say a few hours or so. I cut my pizza with a highly convexed vintage carbon Sheffield.
Give it a 12 degree convexed edge on the right side, and a straight one of 20 on the left, and see what happens.
There's a bit of redundancy if you add any 7" blade. What limitations do you experience with your chef's knife?
Believe me, after a few sharpenings it will matter, I'm afraid. When you're used to sharpen your own knives you may easily correct. No good idea for a novice sharpener who should stay with an existing geometry, unless there are good reasons to change it.
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