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Which Misono do you have in mind?
Well, at least a stone won't fatigue the edge's steel.
I still believe a fine rod will fatigue the steel, more than abrade the fatigued steel. I prefer stropping on a medium-fine stone instead.
Yes, have a decent stone in the JIS1000 range, and learn sharpening.
Here a 270mm after one day of home use. Patina has installed, nothing to worry about anymore.
Couldn't agree more. Just about the patina: leave the uncladded part dirty, excepted for the very edge. Cut slightly thru a piece of cork to have the very edge cleaned, and wait a bit before you rinse with really hot water. The patina forms instantly.
Not so sure about trying. It tells more about what you're used to handle than about what you're actually handling. Better have a middle of the road gyuto, adapt your technique a bit if necessary, and find out what kind of geometry, profile, balance, weight and other options you prefer.
Point taken! Like that TI, just sad it's a stainless...
Counterfeit knives appear in two distinct forms: poor copies of well-known brands, like Global and Shun. Fake brands, often German-sounding (e.g. Rosenberg & Heller).
I fully understand BDL's scepticism. A stainless rat tail is an anachronism. Rat tails have been abandoned by French makers after WW2, stainless blades only introduced much later, in the 60's.
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