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My remark on the sloppy grinding was about the Eden. The Naniwa 220 is good for home use. If you sharpen a lot you will want a diamond plate, e.g. an Atoma 400, but that's hardly your case.
I have to respectfully disagree about the honing with a steel or a ceramic rod. Better use a stone that will slightly abrade the failing steel, instead of rebuilding an edge of fatigued steel that won't last.
Just a few remarks. Haven't used the Carbonext personally for a longer time. Fit and Finish with the JCK Kagayaki Aogami#2 are at a very high level. Handle on par with the Misonos. JCK's Koki Iwahara is a very serious guy, competent and helpful. From the review with our German friends I would retain the sloppy grinding.
The Aus-10 isn't available anymore. The Kagayaki Aogami is an option if you know how to thin and sharpen.
And the 190mm santoku by Hiromoto is a wonderful performer.
The reason I suggest the Naniwa Professional series, formerly known as Chosera, is that they are fast cutters, hard, don't wear or dish alot and provide a great tactile feedback. A few strokes will do. Important to a novice as errors are often due to loss of attention.
The Carbonext used to come with a poor edge but this seems to have been adequately addressed. Within the OP's price range I guess I would take the Kagayaki Aogami #2. Not the thinnest, and don't expect too much from the stone sharpening out of the box. It still will require a bit of thinning and some steel removal before the core's qualities become apparent.
http://www.messerforum.net/showthread.php?127788-Ersteindruck-Eden-Kanso-Gyuto-200mm&highlight=Eden If you read German this might be helpful.
For maintenance use your finest stone. A few edge trailing strokes should do. Honing rods -- steel or ceramic -- all fatigue steel. If you use it after two hours of work, you will have to use it again after a quarter of an hour, and so on. It's an emergency tool.
The Fujiwara are decent knives. Not too expensive. Get Naniwa Professionals: all you need are a 800 and a 3k.
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