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The Hattori FH are still available with japanesechefsknife.com
Got recently two new Wussies, Cordon Bleu series. A bit lighter, light handle, neutral balance, lower tip, less belly than the other ones. Sharpened according to Wüsthof's new PEtec standards. I won't repeat here their marketing stuff, but basically it's a simple V-edge instead of the old convex edge, at an angle of some 13 degree per side. Fit &Finish OK, spine and choil a bit sharp, normal at this price point. I normally wouldn't have mentioned the factory edge, but...
VG-10 will need a slow progression for good deburring. Think 1k, 2k, 5k or even up to 8k as I do myself. Above 2k only for stropping and deburring, no full sharpening. As for thinning: start your sharpening at the lowest angle your comfortable with, and raise the spine little by little. So you start somewhere behind the very edge and only reach that very edge when you've raised a burr. Then you should start the same procedure on the other side: again far behind the very...
It's a bread knife, don't use it for roasts. I guess it's a Lion Sabatier from the seventies. Expect the stainless steel to be very, very soft.
Ask Mr Iwahara from japanesechefsknife.com -- koki@kencrest.us -- about the Masamoto KS options. Shouldn't be a problem, really.
Can't agree more. Had once a very badly finished brand new Hiromoto. Rather exceptional as I had received quite a lot of them in a rather good state. But here: shrunk scales, burrs on the tang, sharp choil and spine. Terrible. I didn't want to send it back because the blade -- a 270 gyuto -- was perfect. I took me perhaps half an hour to get everything silky smooth. Just with sandpaper the end result is better than with a brand new Misono or Ryusen Blazen.
The Wüsthof Ikon have no fingerguard but are still handle heavy. The Cordon Bleu are much lighter and are neutral. For better comfort though you really should consider a Misono. If you get them with Korin you will benefit from the free initial stone sharpening.
You better open a new thread, but I will try to answer your question, assuming you're looking for a 8" stainless with a Western handle. That 8" bothers me, a bit longer is much more convenient in a professional situation unless working space is a real problem. The MACs are great knives. Only stainless ones I can imagine above that are the Misono UX-10 series or the Ryusen Blazen.
Could you elaborate about the problems you've encountered so far with ergonomics? I expect you pinch grip. Handles are less relevant in that case. A sharp spine, choil or protruding tang -- the equivalent of shrinking scales, all can be easily fixed with coarse automotive sandpaper on linen.
The Kai Wasabi is made of the worst stainless I've ever seen. Huge accumulated carbides breaking out. To be avoided.
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