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I would add: better edge retention due to the larger board contact area.
If it is sent from Japan expect import tax (our local VAT) and handling costs.
That being said, I never paid import tax and handling costs on packages by JCK "business letters", and did pay the full amount on packages from the States.
Import tax in EU is basically local VAT. So it may differ a bit. But the principal notion is: as you pay VAT over your local buyings, you will pay them as well over imported goods. The tariff is different from one country to another, the logic behind it is not.
Just a side note: Aogami Super rusting like crazy?? It's one of the least reactive carbon steels. Gross abuse is needed to have it rust. In normal use it will get almost instantly a patina that will further protect against rust.
The shoulder is where the bevel meets the face. There are exceptions -- when, whith asymmetric blades, one wants to create more friction on one side in order to counteract steering -- but normally you will at least ease it, or even have it disappear by convexing.
Consider the Naniwa Snow-white 8k with knivesandtools.nl
I would add that the sharp shoulders the EP provides best get removed...by hand. Otherwise you get facets.
In addition only two tricks that worked for me to enhance edge retention. Have a 270mm. A long blade will have a much better retention than a short one. Add a section starting at the heel with a more obtuse sharpening angle for heavier tasks.
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