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I've just recently acquired my pasta maker and I have no problems making fresh pasta. But because of my newly acquired skill, I want to give away assorted flavored fettuccine this christmas. But the problems comes in drying. First of all, I live in Manila and yesterday, we have 91% humidity and as far as I've read, that's not good for pasta. Sundrying maybe an option, but what about oven drying? I've raised this topic in a facebook group and a certain person there said to...
anyone? help?
For a couple of years now, some friend and my mother are bugging me to make my own ham and for a couple of years, I delayed the request... until now! I am now ready to make my own pork leg ham because chirstmas is just around the corner (here, christmas starts at september and ends in febuary.) But the problem is, I don't know exactly how.   I have ver little knowledge about curing meats. Sure I regularly cure and smoke my own bacon but that's about it.    I've...
I have searched many profiteroles recipe in the net some of them are pretty straight forward and some of them adds cornstarch. i have made profiteroles before and I never add cornstarch, can someone tell me what the effect of cornstarch can be in the final output?
I am tasked to do an edible version of this.     It's small no? But it's actually an embryo of some sort.    So basically, I need something clear and hard as a glass and suspend something inside of it. Of course, hard candy glass is the solution here but the problem is what material do I need to make the embryo inside. It will be submerged in molten sugar so anything that probably melts is not good. rolled fondant came to mind but yea, it's gonna melt I...
If i remember it correctly, a wok can heat up 18x better than a flat skillet. I'm not sure about the numbers but i'm sure it can conduct heat pretty well than any flat cooker.
Thanks for that tip! I'm gonna do that next time I make Cream Puffs :D
FINALLY!! I was able to get it to brown! All it needed was the steam and yeah, I brushed water on it with a paper towel before I baked it. Maybe that's just what I needed. Thanks to all who helped me in this thread :D This forum never fails     time to bake more bread!!
Convection ovens has a fan inside right? Mine dont have so I guess it's not convection.   I'm proofing my ciabatta dough and I'm gonna bake it an hour and a half from now. I'm gonna pre heat the oven at 450 for an hour and let's see the difference. I'm also gonna brush the surface with water and dust it with flour before baking it. Anyway, what,s better as a final brush. Water or oil?
  What you're looking at sir is a failed ciabatta bread. I've been working on it for 3 days but it seems that poolish wont work properly for me. I dont really know the hydration of this bread but it's pretty wet since it's a ciabatta. But then again, its a failure. I am now fermenting a 'no knead' ciabatta dough and I'm gonna bake it 8 hours from now and I'm gonna post the results here.     If I add egg wash, wont the color be like... glossy and closer to a diner roll...
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