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Welcome Chris! Very glad to see you here joined us! What does your work concern? What does the abbreviation mean?
The easiest way to get rid of these feathers is burning them off. However, it is convenient to do with the whole duck, but on with pieces. 
As for me, it is a little bit strange to use the soup washing the vegetables. I just rinse and have no problem. What is the necessity of using the soup? To have dysentery?
Welcome  to the forum, Wildtaste! Have a nice stay here! To have the education in Culinary is really great! You have chosen the right forum to know the new info!
Hello! Welcome and be assured you will get the real happiness here as you will find the real friends and know many interesting things.
Welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay! You are right, this forum is great and think that every member shares this mind. The atmosphere is very friendly.
Welcome to the forum and feel free to communicate with all the members because this forum is the great destination for the people who adore cooking. 
In our family it depends on me how much food and different dishes we will have on Christmas. I am not assured that I will have enough time to cook many dishes, because of my work, but as for the Christmas dinner I am planning to cook the various dishes of meat, because meat is adored by all my family. 
The very high temperature and you should cover the skin of the chicken with mustard. Mustard will give you the result you are waiting for.
I like coffee smell and the smell of garlic and fried chicken. Yummy!!!!!!!! 
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