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Get your degree and then get an Associates at the best culinary school you can find. That may well be your local community college. If you are looking to spend money on a private culinary education JWU or CIA - best to spend wisely.
Looking for a commercial packer in the Dallas Area, must work organic. Anyone know of one within 100 miles of the city? Thanks !
the marshmallow is pretty good, quick, cost effective and easy.
how about a ganach or a curd/custard with gelatin... can you give more hints? cabotvt, what about the pate a bombe?
How about a tea reduction added to scalded milk?
Welcome! Where is your shop?
try Paris Gourmet, Albert Uster Imports, Swiss Chalet or Chef Rubber. Why do you need the emulsifiers? extra yolk could be a simple solution for small batch.
Yes. In a way, isn't pastry one part molecular gastornomy, one part craft, one part  art, one part chemistry, one part pure wimsy, magic and fairy dust?
Meringue cups with sorbet and fresh fruits and chocolate enrobed caramel coated candied cherries. No dairy, no gluten, low fat- lots of wow!
Crust2 cups graham cracker crumbs4 oz (or one stick) melted unsalted butter Mousse12 oz milk chocolate (weight)20 oz heavy cream Meringue Topping 1/2 cup egg whites1 cup granulated sugarpinch saltpinch cream of tartar Espresso Caramel Sauce 1 cup granulated sugar1/4 cup waterpinch cream of tartar1 cup heavy cream1 tbsp espresso powder  For the crust: Pre-heat the oven to 350°F for a still oven or 325°F or a convection oven. Combine crumbs and butter...
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