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What kind of flour are you using?
Anyone taken it? Looking for a clue for the practical. Thanks!!!
scoop with ice cream scoop, freeze and bag for later use.
just be careful with the whole wheat flour as it will not bake "up" like cake flour will and it will take in the moisture making a dense, heavy cookie.
OS1982, can you send me a copy? thx in advance.
you can always just cover the top with a dish, pan cover or use a plastic box (bench box)
Is this a frangipane? If so, loose the bain marie, make sure you are using cake flour and make sure you hit a solid 200 degree F center temperature to insure thorough baking.
how much hydration do y'all look for in your starters?
You will want to use either cake, pastry or all purpose flour for your cookies. whole wheat has less gluten formation and will leave your cookies to dence. you can add a portion say 15% whole wheat flour in place of the same portion of the above mentioned flours. What is your formula?
You would need to mix the paste or powder color with a clear alcohol or lemon extract, that would evaporate and set your color. Also, keep the fondant dry by boxing and wrapping the box in platic when you put it in the cooler.
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