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For now, for the pastry division, I am offering either the Edward Don or Dexter knives as they are the most utilitarian, I still have my Chicago Cutlery set from J&W (20 yrs +) for work and a set of Ikons for personal use. I have left the culinary division to find their own way. As I do not use my knives as they do, I felt silly to comment. :look:
Try a fudge icing, butterscotch or caramel candy- even an aerated ganach! for 90 degrees I would stay away from whipped cream but you could stabelize with agar agar or gelatin if you really wanted to go there. also, i would use a pastry/whipped cream with gelatin combo. Butter cream would work too and italian is so light it's stable too because of the cooked sugar. Let me know if this helps!
I need help here: We are putting together a knife kit for our students and while we know the pieces we want to include, we need to provide the best, low cost knives so our students will get a long life out of them and can afford them too. I would like to keep the 7 pc set under $200. Any suggestions? Thanks! Kit: chef knife 4" paring boning fork serrated (bread) slicer bag/case Add on: peeler parisian scoop fish spatula We looked at Edward Don...
good flaky crust comes from cold, hard fat. Lard is best but you can use a combination of shortening and butter. (margerine has too much liquid) Make sure your fat is good and cold, rub it into the flour to the size of corn flakes and then add your cold water. try your recipes with the above technique and see if you don't get better results. PS a nice old lady told me to put a tsp of white vinegar in with my cold water! she said it made it better.:lol:
I love the heavy maple. I don't go for fancy, just the maple professional series, for dough, for fondant, for everything! I keep a dowel stick with tapered ends for little stuff-individual items. Stone ones break, metal leaves an off color, silicone ones-why? your not baking on it! and the plastic for fondant is fine but I love the maple. heavy and true. :crazy:
I can't even go into how wrong it is to have an unregulated, unsanitary, private home producing food -for sale to the public. Yes, while there are issues at many businesses, they are accountable with inspections, insurance and training. The law that was up here in TX gutted the existing cottage law taking away:commercial grade equipment (ie water heater booster) inspections(unless there was an outbreak), sperate kitchen space from the private home kitchen. no...
Does anyone have a favorite restaurant or food related establishment that should not be missed? Going this weekend and will need a good meal!
Frances Simun's Macrobiotic Bakery Covert Vegan Baking Company
thanks for the idea for dinner tonite! Pasta, lemon, oil, garlic, goat cheese, Pine nuts and chopped spinach.
Bunn with thermal pot. The best, never scorches!
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