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I am moving out of my 1000sf bakery in 2 months.  It's an excellent storefront space, immaculate, with lots of natural light, and lots of equipment.  Lease expires on 7/31/14.
Ditto. It's only 2 days away. It'll be fine.
Melocoton is the Spanish word for peach.
I buy it direct from Satin Fine Foods.
Have you considered joining ICES? Welcome to ICES, the International Cake Exploration Societe!
Tylose is a substitute for gum tragacanth. Hopefully you have that. If not, you really can't make gum paste.
Did someone say 'future partnership'?:D
I have to try these!!
If you can, bake the cupcakes within 24 hours of serving them. It makes a huge difference. I pack mine in a single layer, as Vera Bradley mentioned.
Hey, all, please message one another when you are discussing personal or off-topic subjects. It's much easier for us to get the food-related information we are seeking, if we don't have to read through personal details. Thanks!!
New Posts  All Forums: