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I have to agree with the idea of upgrading to a higher end or nicer wood, but personally don't have as large an opinion on the handle style when it comes to a gyuto as say with a petty or slicer where you are always holding the handle etc.
I always liked the hammered look, but I hope that handle color grows on you lol I remember you saying something about going against the grain or popular opinion in a previous post, and this does support that statement that's for sure. Hope you enjoy it!
Tom, isn't it fun finding your way through all of this lol. We all seem to find our own way eventually, and from what I have seen those of us who put in the time seem to be happy with the outcome more often. The last few knives pictured were all very nice ones, but like mentioned earlier I wouldn't want to scratch any of them up developing my sharpening skills. I'm sure if I was still in the trade it wouldn't be an issue but I still shake my head at some of the...
agree on both accounts. Also wonder if I would have made the same decision on this brand today being the cost is considerably higher now (over $100+ increase on the one I have does change things).
Millions I think how you describe the Shirogami is not only popular but part of why I'm intrigued but also not comfortable to suggest it as a first j knife purchase. Just too many options to chance leaving a noob with a bad taste (pun absolutely intended). Funny you thought the Konosuke was something different since that was what I first thought also and actually was reluctant at first because ultimately it was a decision based on availability and not my first choice,...
That's pretty much my point, and all will be well accepted by most buyers etc etc.I almost want to say that in a weird kind of way it's possibly better to start a bit lower on the scale since the entry level knives are very good, and then you get a second "ah ha" moment when you upgrade to one of the better ones down the road. Plus after getting some experience the little differences will really Stand out and make sense.As far as the Tojiro Shirogami goes it's on my short...
Far as a micro bevel goes for me is usually only on very thin behind the edge and asymetrical etc and it does seem to be a compromise between absolute sharpness and longevity of the edge. Personally it is a fair compromise as it does seem to extend sharpening a good amount of time (for me etc) and also seems to reduce time between touch up or steeling etc. Guess I'm going to pay closer attention in the future now as have not given this much thought in a while.
That's so true!Also I am not sure Jon may know how much his sharing info and helpful tips are sooooooo appreciated, but they certainly are.Thanks Jon
Rick sounds like a productive business trip Though I have no experience with the Goko I have to agree with your comments on white steel etc, but will add that I could make similar comments on the totally non reactive SS Fujiwara FKM gyuto I have and paid about 60% less (in the $70-80 range).Not that these appear to be comparable knives (not my intent or point etc) but that there are options when it comes to ease of sharpening and and effortless cutting.The trick for me in...
Of the ones I have used or researched well I would totally agree.
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