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Sure but why close it?Some of us find the off the wall, out of touch, and sometimes whacky or even annoying threads to be a good read. Maybe even a good laugh.I have made this point before, and on more than one forum about how censored threads lead to a boring forum. Sure the censorship itself is plain wrong, but when all the topics and posts follow the same boring patterns it makes things seem more like a cult or click, and again boring as hell.I have long left other...
Good point.And I would add that I can not see any purpose in the email alert that directed me here either.Must be a chef talk conspiracy ; )
I know many who would benefit from using the quotables from that movie as a religion
Yes it's not as much an issue in the other forums due to my personal browsing vs postings as much less active outside the knife forums and just use much of the others for reference and reading etc. And sarcasm? , what sarcasm lmao
Honestly? Am I the only one? Does anyone else see the adds, or notice dead ended closed threads (see boos board cracking etc), or get email notification on threads your not subscribed to, or? I know it by happens to many places, but am just not 100% comfortable with contributing freely towards others who partake for profit. Otherwise still "love" ya all lol
You can't argue that BDL had or has a gift with words and you might even say it was entertainment lol, and I would agree a great level of knife knowledge too, but I believe the most overlooked talent is the ability to break things down to a point that is "usable "for a person of most any level of experience and especially noobs that is beneficial to finding what may be most suitable even when you didn't realize it yourself. At least he's enjoying coffee talk lol and it...
Maybe more importantly WTF spooked BDL so bad he hasn't returned?
The answer above is spot on, and I would only add that each particular knife and steel has its own specific pluses and minuses.Some are just able to hold a more acute angle better, and others just easier to sharpen that way. Some seem to be impossible to remove a burr, while others just melt away.Our technique can vary the results as well. Our ability to hold the same angle, feel and remove a burr at coarse grit levels, or even what may be used to pull through to break...
Just a couple quick thoughts to keep in mind   As mentioned previously it becomes much more difficult to feel a burr as they become ever so small as you get into the finer stones. They are still there though, and with the help of magnification they can be pretty obvious.   Removing a burr when still on more coarse stones is seriously important to not add insane levels of work trying to remove on the next finer stone. Since if you leave a burr from the previous stone...
Not that old, and sometimes received wisdom can be wise.
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