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That would make sense, or just cook the them quickly, one minute per side shrimp and just a quick sear on the scallops, then set aside and continue with the recipe in that pan.  When ready so serve add them back for a minute or two to bring the temp up.      If you follow the recipe I would add the shrimp and scallops last.  Its common for clams or mussels to be steamed with raw wine like that, but I've never poached shrimp or scallops in wine.  Usually sear and and then...
I knew a guy that would hold three knives in one hand and beat the board pretty hard to chop parsley, that had to be tough on his knives.    Never had the sani boards at home, at work they always warped in the dishwasher, you had to get them out when hot and set them on a counter.  I'm talking about the thinner ones, as I recall like Trooper said the thicker ones dont warp.  I was starting to think most of you were using wood boards with the ultra sharp japanese...
Good idea.  The people posting on yelp seem to have more culinary intelligence than any of the food critics these days, at least around here.  I cant even remember the last time I read a critical review.   
There are no-till farmers that utilize sustainable methods, no thanks to any government program though. I think it has its roots in the oil crisis of the 70's.  Oil became so expensive that some farmers looked for better ways using less fuel and chemicals, more efficient  methods, smart rotations, etc.  I'm all for supporting more sustainable ways.        
Who slaughters the cow, is it legal for the farmer to do it since the meat is yours, not for retail. Mind if I ask what the costs are?    
Ya, thats what i was thinking.  Not that I would turn down a subsidy for cooking my own meals. lol.     USDA is controlled by the meat lobby, fairly useless to our well being.       
And check the barometer before you adjust your thermometer with boiling water.   
I knocked Alton Brown in another thread, but I figured he might be a good source for pancakes.   2 cups flour, 2 cups buttermilk, 2 eggs, 4 Tablespoons melted butter.  He makes an instant mix which looks like it would break down to 1/2 teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 t salt 2 t sugar   Restaurant recipes I've seen called for twice as much baking soda and three times as much baking powder, probably because the batter has to last a day or two. I...
Emeril was the only one I cared to watch.  I'd watch Iron Chef if they would give Alton the boot.  
Water boils at 212', or in my case at 5500' it would be 202'.     I found a calculator online and typical swings in the barometer easily make a 10' or more difference at my altitude.  
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