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Soap. The intention was to remove pesticides.   Whatever is in soap that helps dislodge oily stuff, why we use it to wash our hands and the dishes.  I can follow the logic of using it on veggies, but never been tempted to do so.  Much of what is sprayed on the food probably contains an oil to prevent the chemical from just rinsing away with the rain, so it makes a little sense.    
 It would be interesting to cook a prime rib at 200' and another at 325', and see what difference it made, I'm sure I've cooked them at all different temps in that range but never did a comparison.  I worked on a line where the grill was behind the carving station, really liked to take a thin slice and sear it quickly on the grill, never served it that way though.    
  As far as insecticides and fungicides I have know idea how much good rinsing really does.  Or even salmonella, you dont just rinse off the cutting board after working with chicken, so I guess its safe to think it wouldnt just rinse off of a tomato either.  I'd say for the husband, he should just use a brush and warm water, no soap.  The veg wash I've seen I thought was some kind of grapefruit extract.    The other thing I never got a straight answer on concerning...
Servers have a great deal to do the the guest's overall experience, no doubt, foh should never have any control over the kitchen.  Whats happening with leeniek is what you get, give them an inch they take a mile, never fails.    I've worked with foh managers who were ex chefs, technically they have the same authority as the chef, but they didnt manage boh ever.  If a major problem comes up they might come back to get it resolved.  They might hang out and watch the...
  Sure it is, that’s what you do.   I'm not going out there to fix your problem.   Boh dictate's how you will serve the customer "properly", you are allowed nothing - one way street.   I serve the customer, you carry the plate to the table when I tell you to, its that simple.     I've never experienced a problem like Leeniek is having, foh managers stay in foh.  If the kitchen needs and expediter, it will be boh staff.  
Yep, me too. I dont forget they are getting some abuse from customers, thats their job.  Deal with it, dont take it out on the boh.  Thats why its a one way street, we are trying to make all the customers happy and they have incentive to give their customers priority.     You cant ignore them either, I'd like to just get in my zone and shut them out but that never worked.  
I realize thats personal but what I hate is how "line cook" has become such a lowly unskilled trade. There was actually a time when most the cooks in good kitchens had many years experience.  Line cook is worth $10 an hour, any other experienced tradesman would want 3 or 4 times that.  
Yes they do.      The steel is stamped "sabahlr france", couldnt find anything on google.   The guy in the video seems to dislike to steel as you go, maybe he's just seen too many flailing out of control.  Like me when I was younger, it was all about speed.  Did you ever try using a leather strop on a daily basis?      Thanks for the stone tips.     
  I took this one seasonal job because I wanted to live there and it was only for a couple of months.   There were times you had to turn up the griddle's heat, and that could get you in trouble, the alternative is it cools down too much and cooking comes to a stop.    There were slow periods when you could cool down 1/2 the griddle at a time and brick it.  The shifts were 12 hours and you literally never got more than a minute or two with nothing cooking on the flat...
The knives are carbon for sure, I dont know what a carbon steel "hone" is either, was thinking ceramic.     Knives date back to 1983, they were my first set. Shortly afterwards I bought my first stainless and the carbon knives didnt get much use.  The Wustof french knife is my favorite and I still like to use it once in a while, just dont like to hassle with the carbon knives all the time.    I always sent my stainless knives to the sharpener, so I'm talking...
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