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 What happens when it starts getting bad and its still covered with food?  Try and make a space and use the brick, wipe it off and then spread the food back over it, didnt work well for me.     What kind of metal are most griddle plates? Never really thought about it.  On Vulcan website it says "proprietary composite".  If its just a plate of steel, like a rolled steel saute pan, you have to wonder why you would want to keep it shiney.     Anybody ever seen a commercial...
When do you use a steel and when a carbon hone?  I have a couple Henckels and a couple carbon Wustoff's.  Is it bad to use the steel on the Henckels.     Should the steel be reserved for carbon knives only?  According to this, if you need to use the steel the knife needs to be re-sharpened afterwards.     When using the carbon knives I use the steel a lot, but not with the harder steel knives, didnt seem to help much....
Brush, or scrub with a brick?   Did a little time as a short order cook, there was always something on the griddle, most everything was cooked on the griddle, the harder I tried to keep it clean the more problems I had with off burnt oil flavors.  Never did really figure out the best way to deal with that.  Less diligent cleaning may have been better.  
Funny to watch people stumble around the kitchen in clogs, they seem to take some getting used to.  Boots for me, pay whatever it takes to find something that fits right. 
How high?  I'm around 5300', and like I said its hit and miss as far as how well they puree.  I've heard if you dont salt until the end they cook faster, but I've not found that to be true.  
  With a name like boar_d_laze, you arent going to let anyone use your good stock for a soup are you.  :)   Always thought of consomme as something you do with left over broth, or a "simple stock".   Clarity can also lack depth, and lose its interest quickly.  What can I say, I still put roux in the demi-glace.   Thanks for the comments though, I feel like revisiting consomme.           
   I like fresh shitake's with marsalla, for the flavor and I prefer the texture to button mushrooms when sliced and sauted.   
  It takes a lot of patience to do it right, as I remember you had to stir it constantly until the raft forms.   Could you tell a difference if you start with a good stock, I doubt it.  If its a broth left over from boiling some meat for a couple hours you might not be able to get it very clear with only a strainer.      
Never heard of botulism in the stuffing.  Usually canning something, infused oil.  On the net I found a case of baked potato's as the cause, wrapped in foil, baked the day before and left at room temp until serving the next night.  Isnt sous vide process usually just an hour or so?  Even so I would cool it in an ice bath to get temp below 40' as quick as possible.  
Is that how you do it?  Havent made a consomme in 20 years.  Bring stock to a boil add the egg white mixture in with some ice, stir for a couple minutes, then let simmer.   I dont recall using ground meat or the egg shells.  
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