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  Oh Joey!  Prez Prado!   I haven't heard his band since I was a teenager.   Love it.   I love cuban music.  What a crying shame Castro took one of the cultural garden spots of the world and turned it into a slum.
Petrus Romanus, The Final Pope is Here"", Tom Horn, Christ Putnam. I own this one and it came with a DVD chock full of referrence material - the actual documents scanned out from libraries I'll probably never visit.  Awesome.   The book says the last pope predicted in 1070, is about to emerge on the world scene, and all the prophecy associated with it.   In the middle of this, the library finally came up with Tom Horn's Nephilim  Stargates, which I read in the...
I love "La Vie en Rose" too.  Melody certainly makes it her own.  Beautiful. I intend to buy the album.  gotta put it on my list!
Oh, I'm sooooooo envious, Petals!   You have to give us a full report.  I bet she's great onstage. Donna
Wonder who the sicko was that dreamed this up?
Thank you for that, BDL.  My brother laughs at me for cleaning up as I go.   He also gets peeved with me because as soon as I can, I transfer leftovers to smaller containers, giving me more space in the fridge.   Now when HE cooks, he has a gofer, ME.  So he never really feels the "pinch" of a small kitchen.
Have you checked out local vocational schools?  Around here, there are chef's classes.  I know, they require names embroidered on their chef's coat and I do a lot of them. D
Big food companies do taste tests, and from that figure out how much spice is enough, how much too much or too little.  But i think that if you are running a restaurant, then the people who share your passion - for anything, extra spicy, or unusual, or "home cookin' " will find you and become loyal customers.    My problem is every time I find a restaurant that matches my interests, they go out of business, which is a strong signal that I should NEVER open a...
Combo of above suggestions: Katherine's Oven   Viennese Kitchen   Baker's Joy   Oven Creations   Great Bakes   Magic Oven   But as I think of all the memorable bakerys I've know, the all had the name of the owner in them, mostly last names. DD    
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