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I've been a little distracted this week, and keep neglecting the light-fare.  Silly things like forgetting about things in the salamander, or burning quesadillas.   Yesterday I had a personal pizza (5 minute cook time) going with 4 fillets (15 minute cook).  I put the fillets on the char and then started making the pizza, put it into the oven and set the timer.  I then realized 'wait, I shouldn't cook the pizza until at least another 10 minutes.  I took it out, and 5...
I'd recommend less or a different onion as well. Too many Onions always turn my tomato sauces orange.
I'm not going to go through that much trouble so I can end up with a Hershey bar.  I'm not even looking for an accurate answer.  Let's say I'm looking to make an chocolate of 80% cocoa.  If i'm starting with 1 lb of beans (realistically 12 oz of nibs after shelling) how much chocolate might that yield.  See, I can already answer this for chocolate made from cocoa powder and can thus compare the cost difference to the commercial made chocolate selling for about $3/lb at...
I thought powdered milk was only for making it from cocoa powder. Not even a ballpark answer?
I spent a few hours researching that process.  What Im really curious about is the cost difference.  Therefor, does anyone know the yield of a pound of cocoa beans?
I'm fairly inexperienced with deserts.  For valentine's day I made a bunch of chocolate truffles for the girls at work.  Once they had their fill I let the cooks try them, and they started asking me questions about how to make them.  One wanted to know about the process of chocolate making.  I confess I made these from commercially made chocolate, because I didn't want to go through the time of tempering it.  What he was really asking about was making the stuff straight...
I hear ya, but the stock i use was made with A LOT of meat in the first place. Lots of trimmings compliment of the restaurant I work for not using them for anything.
Because I want the braising liquid to be as flavorful as possible, so i concentrate it.  Plus reducing it with vegetables in it allows me to do a lot of the skimming while it's easy; on your stovetop before transferred to the oven, and without large masses of whatever you're braising in it.
What are you braising them in?  If you braise contains a wine or tomato paste, to mention a couple, your liquid will glaze easily after being reduced on their own, thanks to many sugars already available.  As mentioned, a well made stock will add a nice shine to it   I also tend to reduce at the beginning, not at the end.  My braises almost always begun by reducing wine, then adding stock and reducing again, and adding a very light about of starch to the liquid....
Hahah what?  Honestly I'm just trying to see this from a different perspective.  I have no problem being the hero, and helping everyone, but a hero knows when to tend to the wounded and when to charge forward and end the slaughter.
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