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Jame's Peterson book "sauces" was mentioned above. If you're looking for books you can learn some techniques from, I encourage you to look at more of his books.
I see those stores that sell infused olive oil popping up all over now too. I have a bottle of porchini oil that makes some amazing risotto. Mushroom flavor aside, olive oil infused with porchini has a certain buttery flavor as well.
I wouldn't worry about foam or scum at all. It's likely to happen when making a lot of soups. Just keep it at a low simmer or the roll of the boil will mix it back in, and just skim it off as carefully as you can without wasting too much liquid.
Someone saw me making potato gnocchi the other day for use in chicken and dumpling soup, and that person said "you should buy bisquick dumplings." I had nothing nice to say to that person, so i sighed and bit my tongue. lol congrats on your efforts here!
It will seem wasteful, but try frying up some dried mushrooms (not rehydrated) with shallots, garlic, and thyme. Deglaze with some wine, then add some cream and chicken stock and simmer. You should get a nice coffee color ( with cream in it), then strain the whole thing. I know...all those delicious wild mushrooms not being put on the place just seems like blasphemy, but... it's an amazing sauce. (credit due to Gordon Ramsay)   Mushroom powder was...
Stock. Any fowl smell my room mates have created are easily kicked to the curb by the smell of simmered mirepoix and herbs.  Makes the entire home smell like thanksgiving day each week on my day off.
Indeed, roast the chicken over high heat. I always start at least 425 and once the browning starts to form, i will turn the heat down until the meat is cooked through. if cooking a whole chicken, work some herbed butter under the skin. this not only encourages crispy skin, but keeps your breast meat moist! leg meat should stay moist from the bone.  If you're like me, and sadly cooking for one more often than not, you are usually just cooking one piece at a time, and my...
a buttermilk marinade sounds good, i was thinking of marinating to get a nice mild onion flavor to it anyways.
indeed. but like i said it's easy to make these things kinda chewy and not so good to eat. so i want to make these as tender as possible.
No sir. completely different dish
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